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Dec 1, 2007 05:45 PM

Great dinner at Golden Budda

We just came back from a great dinner at Golden Budda. I've noticed some bad reviews for dim sum there - I haven't been in a while for dim sum so I can't comment, but the dinner was wonderful. We had some relatives in town and were celebrating birthdays so we ordered more entrees than usual including a Peking Duck. The duck was great - served in three courses - crispy skin with steamed buns, soup and as lettuce wraps. We also had shrimp Hong Kong style, chicken and eggplant hot pot, Kung Pao shrimp and baby bok choy (with shrimp paste sauce).

Everything we had was very nice, service was very attentive. To add to the ambiance, there were two piano players, who played an array of classical and light tunes - which our relatives really enjoyed.

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