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Dec 1, 2007 05:26 PM

What Foie should taste like?

I have never been too interested in trying Foie. It has never appealed to my foodie side when there are things on the menu I already like. The other evening my hubbie decided to order a dish with foie. I tried it and must say I don't get the appeal (nor did he). The texture was like seared gelatin. The flavor was quite rich, a mixture of beefiness and game. I am as much about texture as flavor and this time texture tipped the scale to "no thank you!".

So my question is- how would you describe this delicacy to someone thats never had it... is my interpretation accurate to most experiences? (if so I would prob only order it in a sauce for added richness).

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  1. Seared foie gras does have a melting texture, it is a lot of fat after all. I find the flavor to be mildly to moderately livery, and of course very rich.

    I prefer the torchon preparation, when it is cured in salt and served cold. Texture is more of a a smooth pate, and somehow the cold fat is more palatable to me than warm fat.

    Foie gras is not for everybody, but at least you tried it.

    1. the taste isn't for everyone. My boyfriend had it last night and he hated it. Hey that was good for me cause I got to eat 2 nice pieces of foie gras (:

      to me it tastes like warm livery flavored butter...the liver flavor is subtle

      1. Foie should taste creamy, almost silky to the tongue on the inside. Oh it is soooo goood.....

        What restaurant did you eat it? They prepare it so many different ways.

        My favorite Foie dish was at Vong. Foie Gras with Mango and Ginger. (The only time I moaned out loud at the table :) Oh was that good.

        Le Bernardin, Daniel, Per Se and Jean Georges all make Foie exceptionally well. I am sure there are others.

        1. I consider myself extremely openminded when it comes to cuisine. But there are still many things that I don't get. For instance I've been told that sea urchin tastes like "candy from the sea". I still don't like it (but I have the rest of my life to try to figure it out).

          1. Foie means liver in French. Could be from any animal, just like you might make liver and onions at home. Foie gras is fatted liver, Probably duck if the animal is not mentioned. Foie gras d'oie is fatted goose liver. Foie gras d'oie entier is whole fatted goose liver, the gourmet yet controversial delicacy that most people think about when paying a lot of money for it. Could be served whole or in slices.

            Restaurant menus as welll as descriptions on Chowhound are usually confusing about which is being offered, so it is best to ask.

            Foie gras can also be mixed with other ingredients to make a pate. Will give the pate a rich, livery, fatty taste. This is a much less expensive way to have your foie gras and eat it too.

            Personally, I love pate de foie gras, but I find 'foie gras d'oie entier' disgusting. Like eating liver turned into pure liquidy fat.