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Dec 1, 2007 04:59 PM

List of eateries -- your opinions? (Good/average/score out of 10.)

Folks, just wondering about your opinion of these eateries in Toronto. Good/average/not so good. Please also state which foods you've eaten at these particular places, and any food recommendations. Much appreciated. Will be visiting Toronto relatively soon, so please give me your views on these places:

1. Soul Food – 582 Lansdowne Ave. @ Paton Rd.
2. Albert's Real Jamaican Foods – 558 Queen W. @ Bathurst
3. Island Foods – 1182 King W. @ Dufferin
4. Bacchus Roti – 1376 Queen W. @ Brock
5. Irie Food Joint – 745 Queen W. @ Tecumseth
6. Ritz Caribbean – 10 Roy's Sq.
7. Lobster Trap (1962 Avenue Rd.: 5 blocks south of Hwy. 401)
8. Yummy Yummy Truck @ Yonge & Edward
9. Bright Pearl Seafood Restaurant -- 346-348 Spadina
10. Miss Saigon (Vietnamese) – 394 Spadina @ Nassau
11. Buk Chang Dong To Fu (Korean) – 691 Bloor W. @ Clinton
12. Matahari (Malaysian) – 39 Baldwin @ Henry
13. Red Lobster (location?)
14. Astoria/Mr. Greek (Greektown?)
15. Green Mango (location?)
16. Tourtière (location?)
17. Patrician Grill -- 219 King St. E.
18. Hiro Sushi -- 171 King St. E. @ Jarvis
19. Red Tea Box -- 696 Queen St. W. @ Euclid
20. Clafouti -- 915 Queen St. W. @ Strachan
21. Duff’s Famous Wings -- 1604 Bayview @ Millwood
22. Co Yen -- 334 Spadina @ Dundas W.
23. Young Thailand -- 165 John St./81 Church
24. Brar Sweets -- 755 Dundas West @ Mavis
25. Taco Bell & New York Fries (Eaton Centre)
26. Mel’s Montreal Deli -- 440 Bloor St. W. @ Howland St.
27. Good Bite Diner -- 2463 Yonge
28. Greg's Ice Cream (location?)

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  1. You will have a lot of success if you just search these names in the search box for this board. Many of these places have recently been spoken about in depth so you should get an interesting range of opinions.

    P.S. Young Thailand Church is gone.

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    1. re: deelicious

      Thanx, deelicious, for the search tip. Hadn't thought about that, duh. Nice one! Btw, when did "Young Thailand" close, and why -- anybody know?

      1. re: Rollingstone

        Young Thailand moved due to a rent increase.

        Young Thailand
        2907 Dundas St W, Toronto, ON M6P1Z1, CA

        1. re: Rollingstone

          I know they closed prior to Dec 31, 2006, but I'm not sure exactly when.

          The new location is good and I always recommend YT, but I think there are probably a couple better Thai restaurants in Toronto now that I'd check out first if I were you.

          Matahari, which is on your list, is amazing and consistently so. I haven't met a dish there that I didn't like. I recommend the chicken curry, the red chili chicken, the char kway teow, and the beef rendang highly.

          I just recently went to Greg's Ice Cream (on the south side of Bloor just west of Spadina) and found it to be very average. Decent ice cream, but not really any better than, say, Hagen Dazs. I'd grab some if I was in the neighbourhood, but I wouldn't make a special trip. The flavours I tried were banana, coconut, and grape nut.

      2. Co yen is also gone.

        Tourtiere is a French-Canadian meat pie - not a restaurant as far as I know.

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        1. re: chocabot

          Thanx,'re right about tourtière -- it wasn't the restaurant's name, but actually the food I wanna try on my next T.O. visit :), lol. Anybody know where I can get it from in Toronto, like in a deli/whatever? Also, btw, when did Co Yen shut?

          1. re: Rollingstone

            I've tried I think five different bakeries / places for tourtiere in the city, and the one I've liked the most so far is at Summerhill Market. Avoid the one at Altitude Bakery; I personally thought it was okay (although not good), but my partner could not get used to the overabundance of cloves that they used and found it nearly inedible.

            1. re: Rollingstone

              Co Yen closed about 3 or 4 years ago, unfortunately. The story that I heard was that the owner won a large lottery, and generously shared some of it with her employees before closing up shop. Not sure if that's a true story or not.

          2. Oh and you may as well drop Red Lobster, Taco Bell, and New York Fries off of your list unless you're coming to Tyranna to look for US chain food.

            1. Sadly, Yummy Yummy Food Truck has rolled away. Sorely missed.

              1. i agree with the poster who said that matahari is good and consistently so - we enjoy taking out of town friends there.
                if you want montreal deli, just wait until you actually go to montreal.