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Dec 1, 2007 03:57 PM

Why don't I live next door to Bashan in Glendale?

Thanks to tips on this board (I guess there was a Times review too) my husband and I decided to eat at Bashan last evening before a performance at A Noise Within in Glendale. We only had about an hour to eat, between 6:30 and 7:30, but they did a great job, got us appetizers, dinner and dessert plus coffee. Service was great. Place was not busy until we left when just about every table was taken.

Oh, the food. Delicious, rich, creamy butternut squash soup with caramelized onions, served at the perfect temperature (hot, but not scorching). Another appetizer of a soft pillow of burrata enfolded in a thin slice of bresaola (air-dried beef) with a tiny salad of julienned Belgian endive, dates and pistachio nuts. The burrata was fabulous, impeccably fresh and creamy, and the little salad went with it perfectly. I had the sweetbreads appetizer as my dinner, which was small but satisfying, and my husband had the duck breast entree, which consisted of three thick slices of duck breast with a little ragout of haricots vert and other vegetables. His duck breast was simply incredible, the best duck breast I've ever tasted, a bit smoky, juicy, with superb flavor. Then we split the Gala apple tart with vanilla ice cream, which was very good. The press coffee was excellent. And just nice to have press coffee for a change and not the typical espresso thing. The bill for the two of us, with one glass of $10 pinot noir, was about $120.

Aside from the superb quality of the food, it was also nice to be served a modest portion. I left feeling satisfied but not stuffed. I think big eaters might find the portions a bit mingy, so if you like complete plate coverage you might not be happy here.

If I lived closer I would so totally adopt this place. I can't wait to come back and try more things. Oh, and visit the interesting-looking wine shop next door, Rosso.

3459 N. Verdugo Rd.

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  1. Welcome to the 'hood, barham turner.

    I was next door at ROSSO last night, since Mr. Michael Ruiz of Bistro Verdu (the bistro in the spot where Bashan is now-and the bistro that was my absolute favorite until bashan came to town) was serving up some tastey little vittles for the wine tasting. (Keep on the look out for INGREDIENTS, Mr. Ruiz's next little venture of yummy gourmet goodies that will be a great treat for pinics at the Hollywood Bowl).

    Anyway, it was so hard to not go in to BASHAN last night because I have been craving their Braised Pork Belly, which I was lucky enough to have the last time I was there...MMMMmmmm.
    I live just down the road and I was a bit of a nightly fixture there when they first opened.
    Great place. Great people. GREAT food.
    Glad to hear you enjoyed it.
    I love the portions and the quality/price ratio is absolutley worth it.

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    1. re: tatertotsrock

      Where is Ingredients going to be? Near the Hollywood Bowl? I, too, was a fan of Bistro Verdu although I only got there a couple of times. I plan on haunting Bashan more frequently.

      You are fortunate to live so close!

      1. re: barham turner

        Ingredients will be just up the street from Rosso on Verdugo, next to the deli - I heard that it will be opening up next weekend

        1. re: patz

          Hello Patz, et al, there is a cool link with a map of the area showing a few great food and wine things to do in the neighborhood. It's very helpful. I like what is going on there. Check it out:

    2. Ditto - thanks to tips on board and your review - i choose Bashan for my birthday dinner last night. We arrived a few minutes before out 7:30 reservation and were offered choice of tables by 8:00 every table was filled, in spite of the rain.

      The service was gracious, the room lively but my boyfriend and i could still speak comfortably.

      Creamy Burrata delicately wrapped in Bresaola plated next to Parsnips, Dates, Endive & Pistachios salad was delicious - and knowing there was dessert to come we shared the ample for one, but small for two app.

      My duck was juicy (mouthwatering as described above) , the chicken on sweet potato with quail egg was perfectly prepared and not "just another' safe chicken dish.

      Praxis Pinot offered by the glass for $10 or bottle for $33 was an ideal compliment and far superior most bottles in this price range.

      we were having my favorite LARK Bakery cupcakes (in silverlake) - so I'll have to try Bashans desserts next time -- and this is absolutely one restaurant I'll be recommending and returning to again soon.

      try it you'll -love- it

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      1. re: whycook

        HI whycook,
        Happy birthday!!!
        My friend and I went on Friday and OH MY GOODNESS,,,the duck was AMAZING!!!
        Geepers, the most tender duch I have ever eaten in SoCAl and the skin was so perfectly crisp, I was amazed how they were able to pull it off while still keeping it perfectly med-rare.We also tried the SCALLOPS. Oh My Stars!!! A crispy little candy-like sizzle to them, and again perfectly cooked and paired with some great little goodies.
        The SHORT RIBS were out of this world!
        hhhm, maybe I should shut up now since if I keep going on like this, it may become too hard to get a seat.
        Anyway, the service was fantastic...a new gent, that I had not seen yet ,was in the room, along with the other great gals that had taken care of my tables before. He was super attentive without us even noticing when he cleared or replaced out silverware (such a big difference from the crappy service we keep getting at Patina...crumbs in the lap and no fork or a knife for 5 minutes after they set your dish down...ugg!)
        It was another great night there and all the other diners looked mighty happy with their meals.
        I am so glad I only live 3 miles down the road.

      2. went for the 1st time tonight. this is dangerous - i live about 2 miles away and may just have to move in.

        two of us had the squash soap - very tasty. i had the oysters - very fresh with some unusual but delicious sauces. two orders of duck and the fish (sorry, can't remember: baramundi or something like that). all was absolutely delicious. we then shared three deserts, and all were delectible (sp?). quite a treat. nice servings, not too much, extremely tasty.

        a photographer for the la times was there taking photos for an upcoming article. personally, i prefer chowhound recommendations, but it is impressive that the la times is taking note of this place. i suspect that we will have to share it with others in the near future. enjoy it while you can.

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        1. re: justanotherpenguin

          Good Morning justanotherpenguin,

          I was there last night too...I think you had the barumundi...I was the solo diner next to the kitchen wearing workout clothes, enjoying the soup, pork belly, and the chiken.
          I can now say, after finally having the soup and the chicken, I have eaten EVRTHING on the menu...mmm, goood.
          That soup was amazing! Those onions were amazing!!! Nadav said that he uses port vs sherry to give them that amazing richness...I'm tempted to go again tonight, just for some soup and a glass of bubbly.
          The pork belly, as always, was the perfect super-indulgent treat after teaching a few extra indoor cycling classes, I even have to say that the chicken dish was great.
          I never order chicken, but I felt that it was my duty not to neglect the silly little bird. The highlight was the confit of leg salad with quail egg on a tuft of frissee that came with the chicken...I want that salad everyday. (oh, and of course, the crisp of the skin was perfect, I wish there was a place I could just order a plate Bashan's duck skin, fish skin, and chicken skin) I know when hollywood bowl season comes around again, I will be calling Bashan and asking if they can make a salad to go of it or maybe press the goodies between some bread for an amazingly savory sandwich....mmm!
          I have to say, it was hard not to order the duck again since when we had it Friday night, it kicked my ass, it was so good! Whatching it pass by on it's way to other diners last night was such a tease.
          I think I would be 300lbs if I didn't have the job I do because I live waaaaay tooo close to this place too!

          1. re: tatertotsrock

            actually, i had the duck and my wife had the barumundi. of course we cross sampled and all was great! i did forget to mention the specific desert that i had: it was "Coffee Pannacotta". i don't really know what it is made of, but is extremely light and very, very, tasty - we were actually contemplating getting a 2nd helping, but then we sobered up....