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Dec 1, 2007 03:50 PM

Bottling homemade liqueur? How & With what?

Screwtop bottles? bottles with corks? How can I keep the bottle leak safe and the liqueur fresh for longer?
I made homemade irish cream liqueur and have heard that it stores up to a couple months. I want to bottle it and give it out as presents.
Looking to find nice, but not too expensive simple bottles to store the liqueur in and give it as gifts. Ideas on places? thanks

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  1. Local thrift stores. Seriously. As far as screwtops vs. corks, I'd go with plug-type corks; they're easy to remove and look nice too. You could even get decorative stoppers if you want. Liqueurs last indefinitely except with cream liqueurs such as your Irish cream. Just keep them out of direct sunlight and regular liqueurs will last a good long time and even improve some with age. Homemade cream liqueurs are best kept in the fridge, and will generally last about six months.

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        thank you that's very helpful!

      2. I used these to store my limoncello i made a few months back.

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          Glitch, my sister in law makes this irish cream liquor and its a huge hit. She uses the Grolsh beer bottles. They are green and have tops like old cookie jars- with the metal fastners. Difficult to describe, but in anycase very secure.
          Also, Id love to hear your recipe if you dont mind sharing!

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            Great idea!

            For my Irish Cream, I use:
            1.5 cups rye or irish whiskey
            1 can condensed milk
            1 cup heavy cream (or half & half)
            2 tablespoon chocolate syrup
            2 eggs
            0.5 teaspoon vanilla extract

            Break the egg yolks and beat them. Mix the rest of the ingredients into eggs until smooth and well blended.
            Pour into jar or container (or bottle), seal, and refridgerate.
            I like to use heavy cream because then you only need a little bit to make mixed drinks creamy and tasty. Tastes great with milk, or in your coffee, or just served over ice.

          1. Maybe the cheapskate way to go, but the flip-top bottles of Grolsch lager make good airtight seals. Plus, you have to empty them first :)

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              Instead of using flip-top Grolsch bottles, which is not a bad idea. For the bottles I intended to store for a long time, I would use 12 oz. bar bottles for beer. The old-fashioned bottle cap provides one of the best seals for a beverage. The smaller bottles would also allow you to no expose a large amount of your handmade stuff to the environment when you do open a bottle.

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                many of the home brewer's stores and some of the craft stores have bottles,like the Grolsch ones, with the caged porcelain gasket stopper tops. I have used these for my liquers and infused vodkas, and they work the best I've found. they also look good on the shelf and are usually not too expensive. they are also available in a variety of sizes.