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Dec 1, 2007 03:43 PM

soup dumplings in MTL?

I was stalking another chowhound and came across a post about Shanghai style soup dumplings. I was living in the General-Taoland for 2 years, so I almost forgot that such a thing has existed. It has been perhaps 2 years since I had some (in NYC, during a vacation), and the taste is still in my mouth. Is there a place that I can re-live that feeling when the dumpling first bursts into your mouth with its fatty brothy warmness? Pretty please.

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  1. Hmm, I fear for the worst, no responses... something as inspiring as a soup dumpling should evoke immediate visceral response. Is it possible we don't really have them here? I have never had a soup dumpling and yet I am obssessed. Fortunately we are planning a junket down to NYC next weekend, and this is on my lis of must do things. Also, we are planning to try a soup dumpling recipe soon after return from our trip... But of note: I went to the Fu Kam Wah website (which Carswell kindly found for us) and there is an item in the appetizers section called "Shanghai style dumplings, 8 for $7.95". Could this be the elusive Shanghai soup dumpling? I haven't yet had a chance to try this restaurant's dimsum, but now I will have to make a point of it. It'll have to wait until after Manhattan, but that is probably for the best for comparison's sake.

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      Update: I have bad news, the Shanghai dumplings at Fu Kam Wah are not soup dumplings. I have now returned from NYC, and understand the glory that is the soup dumpling. I have started Plan B: making them from scratch. I understand what needs to be done. I have begun gathering ingredients and will continue the experiment. I will report back....

    2. they sell something similar at the asian store I go to in the Norgate plaza at Cote Vertu & Decarie. The store is called Poissonerie something, and they're sold frozen. In fact, they have a pretty decent selection of dumplings there- the pork and cabbage ones are fantastic.

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        I buy frozen japanese dumplings at Myamoto in westmount. I add them to hot broth with some finely minced green onion. Not bad but lets face it not something you can't find vastly improved upon in New York City.

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            If only someone actually makes them in this city.. Any volunteers up to the challenge?

      2. i had been looking for the same dumplings filled with soup inside the bun, but I gave up long time ago. I was totally disappointed every time I tried, cause they serve totally different stuff in Chinatown or other Chinese restaurant in Montreal. Actually most of people don't know what it is, seriously.

        It's better go to NY or try frozen one which you can find at Chinese glossary store in Chinatown or Kim Phat. It's called "xiao long bao=小龍包". Steam up with a bamboo container and serve with a sauce which i make with soy sauce, sushi vinegar and piece of ginger. Actually it's pretty good.

        1. Sadly, I have to concur with the others who say you cannot find such thing in this city, even though I sometimes get cravings for it big enough, that I start to dream about making them myself.

          I also have had some excellent ones in NYC, and some passable and less passable ones in Toronto. I have also bought some frozen ones from one of the big grocery stores here, those that expressly said "soup-filled"... and got sorely disappointed.


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            Pardon the interruption, but we've split a discussion about where to find soup dumplings in NYC to the Manhattan board:


            Please keep the discussion here focused on Montreal.


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              Okay. It's just that this thread actually included discussion involving Montreal, Toronto, NYC and General. This way of splitting a conversation into two (or four) pieces simply doesn't fit very well into the natural model of how people communicate =)

              Not that I have a better suggestion. Duplicating the threads to their respective boards would be unimaginable, for example. I do really appreciate how the Chowhound team maintains this site, nonetheless =)

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                In Toronto a few places to get soup dumplings but mostly in the burbs. Downtown there is Asian Legend, on Dundas near the Art Gallery of Ontario.

          2. I had those dumplings today Maison Kam Fung on St. Urbain during offered during dim sum. They were a bit heavier than what I was expecting.

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              They call it xiao long bao, but it's fake!

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                How do you mean it's fake? They have the same look if that means anything.

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                  How much broth was in the dumpling? The soup dumplings I had in NYC were full of broth, you really had to take a bite and slurp out the soup before attacking the rest of the Dumpling. I couldn't bring myself to just eat the whole thing in one go (Way too hot, would have burned my entire mouth).

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                    Not so much. I was expecting it to be more brothy, this was more meaty. I thought that there were probably different kinds. They do call them xialong bao, and my Chinese friends didn't think there was anything awful about them...I just found the dough a bit on the heavy side.
                    Now I'm curious about the dumpling full of broth idea though.

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                      I mean xia long bao is originaly from Shang Hai and also famous in Taiwan. So in Kam Fung, who offers dim sum which is originally from Hong Kong, they make it differently.
                      We can find a good Contonese food in Montreal, cause there are many people from Hong Kong. But if you want to try real xia long pao, not meaty and full of soup, you need to go to Shanghai restaurant in Tronto or New York.