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Dec 1, 2007 03:38 PM

Best cheese steak in the Triangle

Not necessarily a cheese steak in the classic Philly sense, but a cheese steak like I used to get in Kenmore Square , or an allnight diner- like dive off Storrow Drive in the North End of Beantown back in the early 80's.....bread that turns soft, big cheesy and good and greezy......good greezy like a real slice of thin crust New York pizza that you have to fold in half to get it near your mouth and you invariably get some greeze running down your arm..........a cheese steak that makes you want to take a nap or go into hibernation unbuckle the belt cheese steak....J&S pizza in Apex (and now in Fuquay) is doable........I think I had an ok one at Miami looking for other sources to satisfy my fix.....I know this might not be the ideal for many , but for those that can relate......hook me up.

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  1. Cloo's coney island has a really good cheese steak. They hit it with Guilden's spicy mustard. My wife and I love that place for all of there food. The chicken Philly is great too. I always ask for extra cheese though.

    1. The original Randy's on MLK Blvd in Durham does a pretty good one -- if they "hold the mayo" it's what in Philly we called a "cheesesteak hoagie".

      1. Big fan of IP3 (Italian Pizzeria III) in Chapel Hill. Not the platonic ideal, but certainly the best I've had around here. Where'd you go in Kenmore for sammies? I used to live in B'line Village... still visit the stomping grounds from time to time.

        1. I'm going to stick Dain's on 9th Street in Durham as the best/most authentic cheesesteak that I've found in the area. The bread is made locally and designed with a cheesesteak in mind. Tons of meat and the "correct" runny chedder/american blend that drips out of the sandwich. I get mine with just friend onions, but the standard order is peppers and onions. Served with chips and a few hot peppers on the side. Had one yesterday and already thinking about going back for another. They also serve a good dog and the tots and burgers get a thumbs up as well. Open late and doesn't smell like a bar (no smoking inside). Enjoy!

          Dain's Place
          754 9th St, Durham, NC

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            I gotta tell you that if those peppers are bell peppers, then Dain's cheesesteaks aren't even close to being authentic. Only Italian peppers, sweet or hot, are allowed anywhere near a Philly cheesesteak.

            1. re: birdie

              Whole Foods in Chapel Hill serves hot "Mock' cheesesteaks, I hate that word but it was really good.....I'm going to make them at home.

            2. re: langdon

              I can get behind a Dain's cheesesteak. Best I've had in the area. There's still something about the Philly bread (water) that makes them so much better there. Dain's doesn't offer white American but yellow American was quite nice. My only additional complaint besides the slightly above average hoagie roll would be that I wish the onions (no peppers) were cooked with the steak rather than glopped on top. The best cheesesteak is one in which each bite contains a perfectly gooey amalgamation of steak, cheese and onions. I will be having another one of those Dain's steaks.

              1. re: Shag Waits

                Everyone says that bread comes down to water, after talking to many shop owners I believe that the general public does not want crusty bread. Too many of the shop owners have told me that they used to go out of there way to find good crusty bread only to receive complaints that it was too hard to chew.

                Case in point, I love New York Deli, stoped baking there own rye bread and switched to the soft rye because of such complaints. Another example is the white bagels we all too often see, people want bagels but they should not be too chewy.

                And then when good crusty bread is available they put it in plastic bags destroying the crust.

                No, it is not the water, but unfortunately what people want and what sells the most.

                1. re: chazzer

                  I guess you have assumed that the bread in Philly is better because it is crusty? While I happen to prefer a slightly crusty hoagie roll, not all rolls in Philly are crusty. In general, the bread in Philly is just better, crusty or not, because it's such a big sandwich/hoagie town.

                  1. re: Shag Waits

                    No I assumed it was so because whenever I got a cheese steak at either pats or ginos it was served on good crusty bread.

            3. You've gotta hit Pizza Italia- little storefront pizza place on Westgate just east of 70...... Pete's Philly Steaks would have you napping in the booth- if they weren't so uncomfortable.

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              1. re: jiminea

                Thanks for turning me on to this place - I'm chowing on one of their cheesesteak's right now and it's pretty darn tasty.

                I live within 2 miles of this place and have never heard of it so thanks for pointing out a secret gem!