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Dec 1, 2007 03:07 PM

Tejocote @ Farm Fresh in Salinas

Last week I spotted a fruit at Farm Fresh produce stand that I've not seen before --- tejocote, or Mexican hawthorn. Here's the photo,

If anyone tries them, please report back!

World Aids Day December 1 2007

Farm Fresh Produce & Nursery
63 Monterey Salinas Hwy, Salinas, CA 93901

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  1. The tejocote is kind of like a cross between a crab apple & a firm pear... usually not eaten straight up... but cooked into the various traditional holiday punches... with Guavas & other winter fruits, cinammon sticks etc.,

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    1. re: Eat_Nopal

      I had these from Supermercado Rancho Mendoza - I ate some straight up?! I guess it was ok - I can see why you cook them.

      1. re: kare_raisu

        A particularly good use is in sweetish Moles.... about this time of year, these types of dishes are somewhat common in the fondas of Santiago Tianguistengo

      2. re: Eat_Nopal

        Sounds like they'd be a good stand-in for quince and its pectin.

      3. Hawthornes are small fruiting trees belonging to the same family (Rosa) as apples. I've seen fruits from ornamental (showy-flowering)hawthornes and they are like mini apples. So these could be stewed like regular apples, or used as a flavor component in meat stews?

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          Not sure if you were asking a question or not... if you were then... they are traditionally made into Almibar (Thick Syrups), Candy Rolls, Preserved in Sugar, As fillign in sweet tamales, Atoles etc., In Santiago Tianguistenco (Mexico State)... I had them as the star item in a Mole Rojo... in other words it was just a regular, but slightly sweeter version of Mole Rojo... instead of Poultry... the Tejocotes (& other fruits) were poached & served with the mole & some white tamales (no filling).

        2. Just a quick note that we split a reply about how to make Mexican Winter Ponche over to our Home Cooking board. It's off topic here, but we didn't want to lose the recipe. If you want to continue that discussion, please reply here: