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Dec 1, 2007 03:02 PM

Downtown Mpls - celebatory dinner

Chowhounders - I need your advice!

My boyfriend and I will be graduating law school and we can't wait to celebrate. We want to try out a restaurant in downtown Minneapolis that we have yet to experience. Below is a list of the places we have tried. Can you provide me with suggestions of other great restaurants in downtown Minneapolis that are not on the list?

We tried:
1) Solera
2) Ichiban - sushi is ok, teppanyaki was great.
3) Masa - dinner was good, but did not stand out
4) Oceanaire
5) Melting Pot - can only stomach it once a year if that
6) Martini Blu
7) 112 Eatery - impossible to get a reservation on a Friday night but so good
8) Saffron - not too thrilled with the portions or the food
9) Bellanotte - Too expensive for what you are getting...and in my opinion, not authentic
10) Sushi joints: Nami, Origami, Koyi, Wasabi Fushion
11) Bar Lurcat
12) McCormicks
13) M & S
14) Zelo

It seems like chowhounders have mixed reviews on Chambers. So I take it as a no.

I just realized I have no steakhouses on my list. Is Manny's the steak of choice? We will entertain any suggestion. Thanks and I'll report back!

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  1. Cosmos is a glaring hole in that list. The colors and atmosphere make for a good celebratory vibe. Do NOT skip dessert.

    Manny's is my personal favorite for extravagant steakhouse. Fogo de Chao would be another over-the-top, carnivorous experience -- also festive.

    Congratulations in advance!

    1. I second Cosmos. I've only been once, but I have to say, the food on that visit was really remarkable.

      1. Vincent is always my choice for celebration downtown. Pricey if you eat in the restaurant, medium if you eat in the bar, and cheap if you go for happy hour in the bar. And the food is always great.


        1. My choices for a pull out the stops celebratory dinner, in no particular order: D'Amico Cucina, Cosmos, Vincent, Chambers.

          I think that Manny's is the steak of choice, but haven't been there in a few years.

          P.S. Congrats on the law school graduation. There's still time to save your soul by not taking the bar. [I say that as one of those who has already sold his soul... ;-)]

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          1. re: bob s

            Thanks Bob - yes unfortunately both my boyfriend and I will be selling our souls come February. I'm thinking Cosmos...

          2. Is Alma a little too far out of the way for your downtown destination? I can't think of any other reason why it wouldn't be a candidate.

            Congratulations, also!

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            1. re: KTFoley

              Alma is in the neighborhood where we I would say yes to Alma, but we are having a party with friends after our celebatory dinner downtown. So we just would like to stay in that area. Been to Brasa. Can't wait for Alma.

              1. re: MNLawGirl

                How about La Belle Vie? On the south edge of downtown, arguably the best dinner in town.

                1. re: Jordan

                  My choice for a celebration is ALWAYS La Belle Vie? It is a true dining experience if you do the tasting menu and wine pairing.