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Dec 1, 2007 02:48 PM

Birthday Party in NYC

My daughter is planning an 18th birthday party for 10 in a Manhattan Restaurant next Saturday night. Suggestions for a place that's lively, a little bit elegant, and will be about $50 per person (remember they can't drink). Thanks.

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  1. Give us some hints...what is her desired type of eats: Italian, French, American, Asian...etc?

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    1. re: ny.foodie

      American, Italian or French would be fine. Wants to try something anywhere in lower Manhattan. Haven't had much luck as its Saturday night in Dec. Out of the way is fine. Thanks!

    2. You might want to consider Bocca, on 19th St., b/t Park Av. S. & B'way. Very good Italian food, friendly service, and contemporary decor that has a hip feel. We were there on a rather quiet Friday night in June not long after it first opened, but since then, reports on this board indicate that when it's busy, it's very lively.

      Barbounia, on the corner of Park Av. S. & 20th St., serves pretty good Greek food -- mezzes are great for group sharing -- in a huge, attractive space that has a bit of elegance about it and is always very lively.

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        I'd second Bocca for the food and decor, although I'm not sure that it will appeal to 18 yr olds, but then who knows what appeals to 18 yr olds except other 18 yr olds?

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          Stanton Social in LES would be would inoteca, great Italian small plates to share..also mermaid inn in east village...lure fishbar in soho is also good..I'm 19 and I like all these places if that counts for anything