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Dec 1, 2007 02:17 PM

Singapore Food of Love and Joy (Santa Rosa)

Tried a new stand at the Saturday farmers market in Santa Rosa this morning. Singapore Food of Love and Joy made its second appearance here. It's a new business operated out of Novato by Ann Lovejoy, who is from Singapore and married to an American. She tries to use organic when possible and has many vege items. When I ordered my popiah ($3.50), described as vegetarian on the menu board, I couldn't have been happier when she asked me if I wanted "meat" on it. She also asked me if I was from Singapore. While I explained that I was not, I did tell her that I'd been there many times, and when it came time to put the chili sauce on my food, she said she'd do full strength for me.

Here's the shot of her assembling my popiah to order,

While I was waiting for her to prep my order, she put a trayful of bite-size samples in front of me. Not so hot on the rice noodles or mango pudding. Nothing wrong with them, just not that distinctive. The bubur cha cha was very good and fresh tasting with some chew still to the tapioca. I also liked the chicken satay and teriyaki chicken which had a strong ginger signature. She uses Rocky chickens.

The popiah's "meat" was a few thin slices of Chinese sausage (lop cheong). The filling also had jicama, egg, crunchy romaine lettuce, and full-bodied spicing. Even though I unwrapped it immediately to eat, some of the delicate roll wrap was wet from the chili sauce and stuck to the paper. The price is high for this, but having had bad popiah too many times in the Bay Area, I guess this is what you have to pay for good quality. It was delicious, wholesome, and spanking fresh.

And, a photo of the booth, tucked into the back corner,

Singapore Food of Love and Joy
2232 Laguna Vista Dr, Novato, CA

Veterans Memorial Building & Community
1351 Maple Ave, Santa Rosa, CA

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  1. Could you tell if she used tim cheong sauce on the popiah? If not, what kind of sweet black sauce did she have instead?

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    1. re: grocerytrekker

      Hmm, that's not a taste I would recognize. I did taste something vaguely hoisin-ish and wondered what it was. I also saw some thick black sauce in a jar that I thought might be sweetened soy sauce.

      You might want to give her a call. I put her info into the Places link, but here's the phone number, 415-488-7878.

      P.S. Good to "see" you again!

    2. I was at the Santa Rosa farmer's market a week ago and today.

      A week ago, got the teriyaki chicken w/brown rice. She warned me that the brown rice wasn't like normal rice. This was good, but I think I was wanting a bit more somehow... The chicken itself was very nicely cooked; I think leg meat that was tender enough to pull apart with the little plastic fork.

      This week I got the chicken satay. This is made with almonds and cashews instead of peanuts. She said something about it being a no-peanuts recipe because a lot of people are allergic to peanuts. The dish itself was quite tasty. Lots of nutty sauce on top of tender chicken; lightly spicy, creamy sauce (coconut milk, not dairy); identifiable chunks of the two nuts.

      I'll definitely be trying other things from there if she keeps going to the farmers market.

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      1. re: freiheit

        I had the best intentions of going back today, but rolled over and slept in instead. (g) Did you get to try some of her homemade chili sauce? Interesting about the no-peanuts approach. The Marin roots show through in her determination to make the food as light, health, and non-allergenic as possible. When I first read her menu description, I thought it might be too stripped down, but she manages to make things quite tasty and good for you at the same time.

        1. re: Melanie Wong

          We almost slept in too much, too. :) Didn't try the chili sauce, but I'll be sure to next time.

          1. re: Melanie Wong

            This past saturday I got fried rice. Brown, since I'm into that kind of thing; but they had white, too. She asked if I was vegetarian and since I'm not, added scrambled egg and chicken. And (after asking), some hot sauce from a little jar.

            I also got a pumpkin cake. ingredients listed were pumpkin and rice flour. She explained that it's similar to a common dim-sum item (with radish, I think she'd said), but that since pumpkin is more flavorful, she could make it without using MSG. This also got some of the hot sauce added. And a little scrambled egg on the side.

            The fried rice was good.

            The pumpkin cake was super-yummy, though. Savory, not very sweet. Really good with the hot sauce on top.

            I didn't ask if the hot sauce was homemade, but it was good. Slightly smokey.

            We also asked if she was going to open a restaurant. Apparently she's interested, but her husband is opposed. She does do catering, however.