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Dec 1, 2007 02:08 PM

grand isle restaurant

just heard it's new is it any good too? where's it located within walking distance of the convention center?

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  1. haven't tried it, hear mixed reviews, it is in the Harrah's block of stuff... on Fulton st. very close to the convention center.

    1. I did not like the food at all. The space is beautiful and clean but the food just fell short for me.

      I went with a friend and had the potted crab which was just plain crab floating in unsalted butter,- fried shrimp which were so salty I couldn't eat more than one, duck po boy which had gristle and a bone in it and onion rings which were very good

      one out of 4 ain't cuttin it for me

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      1. re: chef4hire

        wow, that doesn't sound good at all

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          chef4hire, spot on review. We also had some sort of seafood platter and the turtle "stew". Both a dissappointment along with the" boney" duck po-boy.

        2. I would suggest that you skip the contrived Fulton Street restaurants and walk over to Rio Mar at the corner of Julia and Peters. Check out the thread about their food on the "Talk Food With the Locals" message board.

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            Rio Mar is an excellent choice as well as Tommy's and Couchon. The warehouse district is having a beautiful renaissance boasting many good restaurants. Congratulations to our comeback city.

          2. all the baked oyster choices are tasty, as is the shrimp with jalapeno dish.

            1. What's the price point? I've been wondering about Grand Isle too.

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