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Dec 1, 2007 01:29 PM

Best place in Berkeley to eat crab tonight?

At least, if the boats are in in time to deliver to restaurants. Where in Berkeley would be a good place to get dungeness crab for an early, casual dinner with our toddler? Or near Berkeley. Thanks!

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  1. Sea Salt has dungeness crab on the menu, but it doesn't say where they're getting it. The place might be a bit loud and crowded with a toddler, though, and it's too cold to sit outside. You could try Spenger's, too. I know everyone on this board hates the place but if you're just getting plain crab, how much can they mess it up? Your toddler might like big stuffed fish and other nautical things. It's very casual. The on-line menu says they have Washington dungeness but you could call and ask if they're getting local, now. Ages ago, my family always bought crab from the market there.

      1. Mama Lan's on Gilman. I t's sauted in a sauce, and kinda pricey, but really good. Not sure if they have it right now- you could call and ask.

        1. So, did you find any local crab last night?

          1. My best advice is to eat crab at home!! So expensive to go out for it with restaurants' "Market Price", and the other reason is it is so super messy to eat out, much more comfortable w/the mess at home. And it's simple, have the fish monger clean the crab, crack it also if you'd like and if they will, then at home if eating it steamed and not chilled w/cocktail sauce, you just steam it for a few minutes and have drawn butter w/garlic on the side or whatever you like to dip it in.