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Dec 1, 2007 01:07 PM

What to cook in my new crock pot?

Got a slow cooker for my birthday, what should I make in it? I don't eat any fish/seafood and I'm not a huge pork fan. Will likely be cooking for 2 (or maybe even just one) but I like leftovers,....

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  1. You can't fry in a slow cooker....and I wouldn't slow cook a good steak. Almost anything else is possible to cook in it. There are websites that JUST have slow cooker recipes. I like to cook anything that takes time but not a lot of fuss, in the slow cooker, such as soup, stew, "baked" beans...I once made an old fashioned pearl tapioca pudding in it. Whew, all sugar and tapioca and WAS only once.

    Enjoy your new toy!!


    1. Our Favourite is a Short Rib Roast with Au Jus..Mmm perfect for sandwiches & the Au Jus for dipping..make a salad or cole slaw and Voila..Recipe is easy, 1 short rib roast, either fresh or frozen even, 2 - 3 sliced onions, 1 pkg Au Jus Mix..I use McCormick's Brand, 1/2 cup white wine, 2 cups low sodium Beef Broth, 1 bay Leaf, 1/4 cup Worchestshire Sauce. If the roast is fresh then brown it first..if not don't worry, just put it in the pot frozen..Cook on low all day. My best tip is to spray the inside of the pot with Pam first. Then add the onions, then the roast and mix the rest of the ingredients together and pour over the top..Great leftovers!!!

      1. Chili, lentil soup, curried lentils, beef for sandwiches, spaghetti sauce. I just did pulled pork in ours today.

        Happy Birthday!

        1. Because we were in the mood for football snacks I just melted a brick of velveeta and a can of Rot-tel in the pot . Then I browned some ground beef and added it. Add a few dashes of gasp! mexican spice packet from Mccormick and viola! Dip with tortillia chips. Easy, coronary inducing, but good *sometime* food.

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            Seriously, try adding cooked crumbled hot sausage and a jalapeno.


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              I will next time-this was all we had. Some good chorizo would be even better. But then with my picky crowd I can't get too gourmet or they won't eat it.

          2. OK, for me, anything beef-wise that needs a slow cook is fantastic. But you do need to on the stove, brown the meat. This adds the critical Taste factor. Once there, oh yes think, OXtail, think Shortrib, thing beef stew

            Tho' the Best thing I ever made in a crockpot was this most incredible broth. I had fresh ham hocks from the Asian supermarket. SO I chopped up the usual, carrot, celery, onions. I tossed those in the bottom of the pot, cracked fresh peppercorns on top and some salt. Then added Many whole peeled garlic cloves and fresh ginger slices. I placed the hocks on top of all that and filled with water, from the tap. Put some aluminum foil as a top then the crock pot lid. Left it to cook; undisturbed, not even a look for 12 hours. The CLEARest broth I ever made and the tastiest!