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Dec 1, 2007 01:04 PM

Good Vegetarian in San Diego ?

I want to buy a $100 gift certificate from a good restaurant as a Christmas gift for a business associate. I know his wife is a vegetarian (not a vegan, though), he is a meat lover, and I am not sure if they are adventurous eaters. They live in Lemon Grove, so I need something East or Central. I was thinking of the Linkery? Or maybe the Godfather in Clairemont since they are from NY and I know they like Italian. Does anyone have any other good recommendations?

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  1. Linkery is a good option, I'd say. They cater near-equally to carnivores and vegetarians.

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      Thanks Josh. I am an omnivore, so I thought there might be other veggie-friendly places out there that I didn't know about.