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Holiday dinner for Hollywood production company--boss rejected initial suggestions, please help!

Hi 'hounds,

Here's the situation:
My boyfriend is in charge of planning his company's holiday dinner, but his initial suggestions of Il Fornaio and Houston's were shot down by his boss. PLEASE help him find better restaurant suggestions for Round 2 (I'm posting on his behalf because I'm in the process of converting him into a CH...)

They're a small production company based in Hollywood and we're looking at dinner for 30-35 people. His boss didn't say how much they were willing to spend, but my boyfriend was estimating $30-$50 a person (although I suspect they could be willing to spend more).

I'm guessing the initial suggestions were shot down because they probably want some place with a certain swank factor. They are all guys mostly in their 30s, after all, and they celebrated the end of their last shoot at Geisha House. So I think they're looking for someplace very "LA" like that, but that can still accommodate such a large group, has good food, but also enough selection to meet everyone's tastes.

Location wise, I'm thinking Hollywood area and westward.


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  1. If they enjoyed Geisha House, perhaps they'll also enjoy the new Katsuya

    1. Cobras and Matadors and the outdoor patio at Malo are the right size and price range, and they're both hip. The problem you're going to have is finding a place with a vacant evening between now and Christmas on such short notice. Good luck!

      4326 Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90029

      Cobras & Matadors
      4655 Hollywood Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90027

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        Malo is Hip, are you serious? What about Social?

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          I'm not going to stick my neck out for the place - in fact I'm not particularly crazy about it, although I should qualify that I'm a fifty-something who doesn't drink and who knows what malo means in Spanish, so it really doesn't have much to offer.

          But I think it fits the OP's needs to a T:


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            Malo is hip in a self-assured, understated way... not in a paparazzi-studded $25-a-drink way.

            I nixed Social for a birthday party after learning that their drinks are $15 a pop. Even at $50 a person that would be cutting it close, and the OP mentioned $30-35.

        2. Might also try Bar Marmont. They've got that patio room out front which might be the right size?

          1. Try Social Hollywood, Citizen Smith, Dolce, O-Bar, Magnolia, Bowery, Sonora Cafe, Luna Park, Lola's (do an appetizer type party)...

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              2nd all of these except bowery might not be big enough. also lucky baldwin's might be fun, definitely 2nd the above suggestion for katsuya, and how about vermont or the expanded hungry cat?

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                Social is a great suggestion. Nice trendy space and was surprised at how good the food and service was for a recent company event

              2. While I wouldn't consider it "trendy," these guys might really enjoy kicking back, having a "Moroccan Feast," and watching the belly dancers at Dar Maghreb. It's on Sunset Blvd., a few blocks east of Fairfax. I think that, if you can guarantee a minimum of 35 people, you can arrange for a private or semi-private room and also be eligible for a discount on the meal. It's a fun and unique place. Good luck.


                1. If you're into Social, also look into other supper clubs like Boulevard3 or Ritual. Cinespace might have room for you also, as would Citizen Smith and Velvet Margarita.

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                    i was going to recommend boulevard3 as well, as i love their front "garden" space around that rectangular fountain, but i've never been there for food, just alumni entertainment parties where the drinks didn't come at all cheap (club soda...$7... seriously?)

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                      It must be a very exclusive club (soda). Imported from Canada?

                  2. Take a look at MirabelleHollywood.com, they have their special menus online and a good private room for that size party

                    1. Wilshire in Santa Monica is pretty hip with good food. They could probably easily accomodate your group.

                      1. You could try to get into Mozza OSteria or Pizzaria.

                        1. I agree with SauceSupreme, the new Katsuya near the Pantages is hip, trendy, large enough to accomodate your group, and better than Geisha House.

                            1. Wow, thank you for all the great suggestions so far. We really appreciate it! My boyfriend is investigating your recommendations. Please keep them coming if there are more! But this thread has paid off already--a friend of ours was looking for a restaurant to have his group birthday dinner this past weekend and ended up going to Malo. Actually he read this thread without even realizing that he knew the poster, and that the boyfriend in question was actually his roommate.

                              (Shoutout to Peter if you're reading this... now you know what my alias is)

                              1. I would love to help you and yoru boyfriend, but in order to do so we all need more information. Your boyfriend really does need to get a budget from his boss. He also needs to know if everyone is going to bring a date. If a date is included what night of the week do they want to have a party. To keep cuts under control, some offices have a holiday luncheon and employees go home from there. So while all the suggestions are wonderful, we do need more information.

                                1. I wonder if Mastro's in Beverly Hills could make it happen for your group? The vibe ought to be right from your description of what you're looking for.


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                                    Just thinking in terms of bang for buck with money, Porterhouse Bistro in Beverly Hills does a prix fixe with a choice of entree, app, and dessert. They have that back room off to the left when you enter that is pretty nice. Is it the best food in LA? No, but the budget is just right, the room is right, and hell, they do a cotton candy lamp with dessert :-) Truth be told, the choc flourless cake is pretty darn tasty.