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Dec 1, 2007 11:58 AM

Pizza - Reykjavik, Iceland

When anyone talks about the 'best' anything it's subjective. Having said that I have traveled all over the USA, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Central/South America and Europe. One of the best I have ever eaten is in Iceland. It was referred to me by the owner of the local Harley Davidson shop. It's a little hard to find, walkable from anywhere in the city, depending on weather. I have no clue how to pronounce it but here is name and address:

Bragagata 38a
Reykjavik, Iceland

The menu is in Icelandic and English, and the staff like all of Iceland speaks English as well as anyone. It does get very busy on Friday and Saturday evenings. They have all the basic toppings plus a few local things. It may sound strange but they offer cream cheese as one of the toppings, which I recommend. All pizza baked in a real wood fired oven. Prices relative to Iceland are very reasonable.

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  1. I will have to look it up if I ever make it to Reykjavik.

    Speaking of random delicious pizza, the best pizza I have ever had was in Pula, Croatia.



    Can't for the life of me remember the name of the place --- but we went back twice. Anyone have any recollection of pizza places in Pula? :)

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      OT, but Pula happens to be the birthplace of Lidia Bastianich:

      From what I've seen of the place on her show, I hope to go someday and find an outstanding pizza to report...

    2. I've actually been there and had their Vesuvius Pizza, which is made up to look like a volcano with sauce in the "crater." I remember it as being pretty good. I also rather liked the Pizza 67 chain throughout Iceland. If a country makes good bread and good cheese, good pizza can't be far behind.

      1. I agree enthusiastically with your review. My wife and I have also travelled the world. We always sample pizzas everywhere we go for fun, as she is a certified pizza freak. We also lived several years in New York City, the Pizza Capital of the World. (Bear that in mind; it tells you that our definition of pizza is New York pizza rather than Neapolitan, Chicago style, or--shudder--gourmet.) Much to our surprise, Eld Smidjan was one of the best pizzas we have had. The crust was delicious and baked just so, the pizza sauce was spicy and hearty, the cheese among the most flavorful I've hd on a pizza, and the toppings were great. Why, the pepperoni even had the required amount of "bite" to it! We recieved an even biger surprise later in our trip when we had another excellent pizza at what appeared to be a sports bar in Akranes (well, it had a lot of soccer photos on the walls). Good pizza in Akranes?! Not as good as Eld Smidjan by any stretch but good nonetheless. Clearly, Icelnaders know from Pizza..

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          Strange that I happened to fall upon this thread.

          I travelled throughout Iceland in 2002 and also loved their pizza. Fond memories... My Icelandic friends back in Canada always complained that they could never find great tasting pizza here and I never knew what they were talking about until I experienced for myself. Truly amazing country!