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Dec 1, 2007 11:45 AM

Laurentian Room Closed?

Passed by today and there was a sign that said "closed until further notice".

Anyone know what happened? Just a normal TO restaraunt casualty??

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  1. Bank apparently foreclosed on them. Our office x-mas party was supposed to be there!

    1. Umm... not a surprise. It had its moment as a very happening place, and those were great times, but attitude and (I'm told) inconsistant food killed it. My faith in the food never took flight, as once I was looking at the menu and wondered WTF is feshuada. Hmm... Ethiopian, perhaps? Then I read the description... Oh, they meant feijoada. The bar staff were some of the worst in the city, the worst being the one who behaved like a supermodel and looked like Morticia. I'm sad to see the space go, though. I hope that someone can take it over. That said, looks good on John Bernardo, the guy who killed the Winch.

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        Well, hope someone with better management skills takes it over. Was onyl there once, but it's a beauiful (and storied) space.