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Dec 1, 2007 11:05 AM

Hotel Bel-Air - Afternoon Tea (Holiday)

Hey guys,

I will be celebrating my birthday and I've always wanted to do a ladies' afternoon tea ( I never have). I didn't realize how fast these places book up! I was able to snag a reservation at Hotel Bel-Air although I have read some bad user reviews about it on Trip Advisor and CitySearch websites. Can anyone elaborate on the afternoon tea experience at Hotel Bel-Air? Would it be better to save the $55/ person and do a nice lunch somewhere else?

I appreciate any input.


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  1. The Peninsula in Beverly Hills also does a nice tea..the Bel Air Hotel is beautiful but I have only been there for lunch, not tea.

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    1. re: holleygolitely

      Thanks! I actually am on the waitlist for the Peninsula ( I read some amazing reviews). But seems like it will be a long shot since I was told that there are 10 parties waitlisted before me!

      1. re: lemonbalm

        Tea at the Peninsula is worth waiting for. You might want to have lunch someplace nice this year (maybe the Ivy?) and go to the Peninsula next year. I've heard that the Ritz Carlton has a nice tea, but I don't know first hand.

    2. Next time I am definitely making my reservation at the Peninsula a month in advance!

      I just found out that Barney's Greengrass restaurant can accomodate my party as well. How is it there? That leaves me with these 2 options: Hotel Bel-Air or Greengrass?

      Opinions? I also have friends coming in from San Francisco. So I want to show them a good time as well.

      Thank you!

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        I haven't had high tea at the Bel Air, but I've had some great dinners and brunches there. I think it's a beautiful place for a special occasion.

        1. re: LMelba

          A group of us from work did tea there last holiday season. It was very nice, service was good and their holiday tea blend was very nice. I think it would be better food than the Ivy! I loved my experience at the Peninsula, but that was 4 years ago. The only one I didn't enjoy the food at was Casa del Mar. Peninsula is definitely #1 but the Bel Air was very nice.

      2. I've had afternoon tea at the Bel Air many times. It's quite good and definitely on par with the tea at the Peninsula. If the weather is nice, the patio is quite pleasant.

        1. Although Hotel Bel-Air is a really lovely location, I don't think their high tea is worth what they charge. It's decent, just terribly overpriced. I've had others recommend the Peninsula, so it may indeed be worth the wait.

          1. Thanks for all the input. I think I may keep my reservation and just see how it is. I'm definitely reserving for the Peninsula soon.