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Dec 1, 2007 11:04 AM

Small Place We Can Close For A Wedding Reception

Hey folks! I'm helping a friend of mine organize their wedding reception .. would anyone know any small, moderately priced Manhattan restaurants that would allow themselves to be shut down for one evening for a wedding reception of, say, 70-100 guests? Any cuisine, but preferably with nice surroundings.. budget of around $50 per head for food -- though anything lower would be great. THANKS! Appreciate the help!

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  1. Campanile, a "hidden" neighborhood gem, on 29th St., b/t Park Av. S. & Madison, serves delicious traditional Italian cuisine. Prices are moderate, so a $50pp budget for food should be more than adequate. Surroundings are a bit old-fashioned but quite pleasant. I have occasionally seen a sign on the door indicating closure for a private party, so I think it's worth considering.

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      Thanks for the tip! (Oh, and I edited my query and remover the outer Boroughs part.. how silly of me.. hehe)

    2. i've been to a reception at Danal, although I'm not sure if they closed the place since we had their upstairs. it's an adorable country home type French restaurant in the east village on 10th or 11th street between 3rd and 4th or something like that.

      it was a great small reception that nicely intimate. the food was reasonable, but the couple had an open bar which brought up the cost quite a bit.