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Dec 1, 2007 10:11 AM

Dunkin' Donuts Coffee

Has anybody tried the DD coffee beans sold at the supermarket? I usually bring a friend a pound of DD coffee beans for the holidays (her favorite) and was curious if the beans are the same sold at DD.

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  1. I've been drinking DD Decaf lately, and find it quite good.

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      1. re: MrsT

        Yes, the supermarket. $6 for 12 oz. on sale.

    1. America's Test Kitchen did a taste test of whole bean coffee not long ago and DD finished at or near the bottom. Their preference was either Starbucks or Millstone.

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      1. re: Greg B

        I think Starbucks is about in the middle for me. Not horrible, but surely overrated. I like deep rich flavors, but not burned flavors, which I this is prevalent with Starbucks.

        1. re: scuzzo

          ugh. starbucks is just bad coffee. they over-roast their beans, and it all tastes burnt.

          peet's is the way to go!

        2. re: Greg B

          For darker roasts, they liked Millstone and Starbucks; for light roasts they went with Green Mountain.

        3. Back to the DD coffee-yes it is good and yes they are selling it at Target. It tastes just as good as it does from buying it at the store. And I like it for a change from the usual starbucks my husband makes me drink. He bought me a bag this week and I am drinking it right now. It does make starbucks taste burnt when comparing the 2.

          1. DD coffee states on the bag that it is *medium* roasted.

            1. $1 off coupon for DD coffee in today's papers :)

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                We have been ordering the beans through the mail for years, we love it!