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Dec 1, 2007 10:00 AM

Eating Alone Before A Broadway Show

I'm going to see a show alone on a Thursday evening before Xmas on Broadway. I'm looking for a place that
1. has fabulous food (French, sushi, and innovative American being among my favorites)
2. will be appropriate for a person eating alone, at an early hour (5:30 or 6:00 to make an 8:00 show)
3. will avoid the tourist madness of Xmas in New York as much as possible (preferably not super loud, lots of kids etc.)

Price isn't super important since it is just a treat for myself (and I don't drink alcohol besides a single cocktail or glass of champagne)

Suggestions please?

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  1. I think it is kind of hard to escape what you call the "tourist madness" at this time of year though you can certainly go someplace where bringing children along would not be particularly appropriate. That said, I happen to think *any* restaurant is fine for a person dining alone, so a couple of questions:

    Are you comfortable dining solo at a table, or do you prefer bar dining?

    Do you want the restaurant to be relatively close to the Theater District, or would you be willing to go to neighborhoods that are further away?

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    1. re: RGR

      I am comfortable dining at a table alone although I have had experiences where restraunts are not accmodating to a single guest (less attentive service, unwilligness to serve a tasting menu, general rudeness etc.). I am happy to go east of the Theater District since I'll be coming from the 4, 5, 6 train. from the south bronx.

      1. re: ZestyZ

        Hey, ZestyZ,

        I would suggest you consider going to Eleven Madison Park, currently my favorite NYC restaurant. Sit in the dining room (not at the bar, which has an entirely different menu) where I feel confident you will receive excellent service. I don't think you will have time for the 11-course Gourmand menu, but you can certainly do the 4-course and, if you wish, you can add the cheese cart.

        EMP is on the corner of Madison & 24th, so the 23rd St. station on the 6 is two blocks away. A 5:30 reservation should give you plenty of time for a fabulous meal before you continue uptown for your show.

        Enjoy and Bon Appetit!

      2. re: RGR

        I think you should google Vice Versa. It's the first place I would think to go that matches your requests pretty closely. However it is Northern Italian.
        But, as RGR said, it IS Christmas and you are not going to avoid the "tourist madness". (I'll be in it myself, and am dining at Roberto Passon on the 27th, before our show, which you might also like to google as well being that it is French. They are 2 doors away from each other.)
        Have a ball.

        1. re: idia

          idia, Roberto Passon serves Italian cuisine, not French.

          1. re: RGR

            Oops. Thanks RGR.
            I actually prefer that so I'm happy. (Just felt I should try something new instead of my favorite Vice Versa.)

            1. re: idia

              there's got to be something non-touristy in the theater district.

              i'm going a few years back now, but wasn't cello in the theatre district, that is before laurent tournedhol left to created his BLT global empire.

              Carnegie Deli is decent, if deli is alright with you. I think Robert's Steakhouse is also near there for exceptional steaks (though there are those added attractions to deal with too).

              1. re: kevin

                Since the Theater District is a huge tourist mecca, you will find them in just about every restaurant. So, it depends on how you define "non-touristy." But one thing's for certain. You can't get any more touristy than Carnegie!

      3. I would definitely recommend Shimizu (51st betw 8&9th) for sushi. Not as pricey as Yasuda or something of that caliber, but still high end sushi. It's a quiet dining room in the WJ hotel, and a hidden gem from the tourist mania. There's a bar or small tables for single diners (check out menu on sure search "shimizu" not "shimizu sushi")

        I'd also recommend Yakitori Totto (W 55 betw Brdwy & 8th), which features yakitori: Japanese version of kabobs. No sushi but great authentic dishes. Long bar with many single diners. More discussion on this place:

        1. If you'd like to dine in the theatre district (as opposed to Flatiron), I would suggest Marseille - French/Med brasserie with terrific food & just far enough off the beaten path to avoid true tourist overload. Ninth Ave / 44th Street. You can take the shuttle to Times Square from the 6 at Grand Central. Eat at the bar or at a table.

          1. Le Bernardin - 155 West 51st Street (B'twn 6th and 7th Ave) The best seafood place (French) in the city. You will not be disappointed. Just lef them know your showtime and they will take care of the rest.

            Where ever you go...enjoy! :)

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