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izakaya in LA?

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Any suggestions?

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  1. Here's the list that searching gives:


    Also, depending on what type of stuff you like, you might also have a lot of fun at a yakitori-ya, which won't have the breadth of selection as a regular pub, but has the same atmosphere. Are there particular dishes you have in mind? Which neighborhood do you prefer, or how far are you willing to go?

      1. Yes, it is in fact called Izaka-ya, owned by Katsuya Uechi, and is at 8420 W. 3rd Street, a few blocks east of Beverly Center. Quite good.

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          No, Izaka-ya is different from Izayoi.

          Details for Izayoi:

          132 S Central Avenue
          Los Angeles, CA 90012

          (213) 613-9554

        2. musha
          two locations: santa monica and torrance

          musha santa monica
          424 wilshire blvd.
          santa monica

          musha torrance
          1725 carson street, suite b