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Dec 1, 2007 08:45 AM

Italian bakery in London, Ont?

There used to exist an incredible Italian bakery in downtown London. I forget the name. It might have been part bakery, part restaurant. It served authentic Italian desserts, including the most delicious canoli and tiramisu I've ever had. Does anyone know if this place still is business? Thanks.

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  1. I have a feeling you are talking about Angelo's. Angelo's has really gone downhill since their expansion. They still sell Cannoli and Tiramisu. I guess their desserts are passable (not as good as what can be found at Riviera or Golden Wheat on College), but the hot table is disappointing right now. There's several locations now- downtown, Thompson Road, Wonderland Rd North, and Wonderland Road South. Here's a link to their ad with addresses:

    International Bakery on Hamilton Road, and in the Market, has the best Italian baked goods in London right now.

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      For Italian bread, you should go Saturday mornings to the Trail's End market on Highway 2 (Dundas) a few miles east of the city. An Italian bakery brings it in and it is where many Italians I know (my wife is Italian) go. Go early for a good selection. Far superior to Angelos (which isn't saying much). I haven't tried the bread in the market or Hamilton Road.