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Dec 1, 2007 08:20 AM

Modo Mio

Your comments please.
Thank you.

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  1. Do a search and you will find many reviews and comments. I was there once and, while I thought it was fine, it didn't meet my expectations based on the raves I had heard. I'll probably go again sometime, though.

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    1. re: Hungryin theBurbs

      I already DID that search and read the yays and nays but I wanted a Chowie's opinion before I ventured forth.
      The yays were very complimentary about absolutely everything. The nays praised the food in most of the cases, and seemed mostly focused on the surly hostess (except for that one post extolling her virtues and looked like it was written by the hostess herself!) LOL

      1. re: idia

        Last night was our third time at Modo Mio and I still love it. Yes, the food was wonderful every time. I want to point out, however, that we have never encountered a surly hostess or bad service. The hostesses the last two times were especially friendly, as was our waitress last night. I almost don't want to encourage people to go because it's hard enough to get a reservation. In all honesty, though, it would be a shame to miss that food because a few people had problems with the front of the house.

    2. Food = A; Service = C. Great food that reminded me of eating in the Tuscan countryside. Yummy frog's legs. Melt in your mouth lasagne alla bolognese. Tasty zuppe de pesce. Exquisite tiramisu. Four small courses for $30. Went there with a group I eat out with (mostly at BYOBs) monthly on a Friday night. Our reservation had been for a round table. When we arrived, the round table had been given to a raucous group celebrating a wedding anniversary. We were jammed in two tables pushed together in a corner. It felt like being trapped. The service was so unprofessional as to be laughable. None of our courses came out at the same time, so we ate in shifts. To add insult to injury, the server automatically added the gratuity to the check and charged us a gratuity on the tax as well as the food. Perhaps the chef can pay more attention to the front of the house. Until then, I'm not inclined to return.

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      1. re: Seeker19104

        Aha! You see that? Another one.
        Perfect food/lousy service.
        I think I will have to give it a pass till they hopefully clean up their act -- starting with getting a new hostess.
        Thanks Seeker.

        1. re: idia

          wow... i would say the exact opposite about the service, and i have done so in other threads where i've reviewed the experience. i've been twice and both times had extremely friendly service - multiple freebies brought out from the kitchen, even the chef has stopped by to chat (granted, we were sitting outside in the smoking section, and he was taking a smoke break as well). our server last time chatted with us about the fresh bread, how it was a passion of the chef's, and how they were eventually looking to open a pizzeria. my only complaint, both times, is that they assume you want to linger after your meal, which i definitely never have any interest in doing - but the check was a bit slow to come. other than that i'd say it is some of the friendliest service i've recieved in phila... they really made me feel like family!

        2. re: Seeker19104

          don't most restaurants add on gratuity for parties of 6 or more? i thought that was pretty much the standard; i don't think it's a valid complaint against modo mio. i have no problem with a restaurant adding on 15, 18, 20% to a group check. it's when they go higher than 20% that i take issue, unless the service was THAT great. and so far, that's never happened to me in this city.

          1. re: rabidog

            They calculated the gratuity on the check INCLUDING THE TAX and the service was, as I said, laughable. They added insult to injury. No one is expected to pay a gratuity on our already high 7% tax for enjoying a meal out. PS The food was great...

        3. The food was excellent and the service was ok. I don't fault them for sending the food out in shifts to a large group. It is a small kitchen with a hands on chef. The food coming out in shifts just means that some of the entrees aren't sitting under a warmer till the others are done. My biggest complaint is the noise. If that doesn't bother you don't miss modio mio.

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          1. re: joluvscards

            We were only a table of six which does not, in my mind, constitute a large group. My daughter worked at Notti Bianche in DC which is a small restaurant (40 seats) with (at least when she was there) similar food, impeccable service, and far more pleasant atmosphere in relatively simple surroundings. It can be done better with more attention to the front of the house.

          2. i went last thursday with 3 girlfriends and the food was impeccable. everything was served correctly and in a timely manner and while the portions are not large, the $30 turista menu perfectly satisfied 3 of us (the fourth, a vegetarian, ordered a la carte). the hostess maybe was a little bit dumb, but she was pleasant enough but not at all a reason not to recommend the place. the waitress was very accomodating even when it took her three or four tries to take our order since my group had not hung out in a while and were chatting away and not reading our menus. i would definitely recommend the place during the week (have not been during the weekend) since although it was packed, it wasn't stiffling and the food really was perfect.

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            1. re: mazza3

              i totally agree with your during the week comment. i walk by there often coming home from the el and on the weekends, it's packed to the point where i know i personally wouldn't be comfortable! in the summer, you MUST get yourself a table outside... for the person sitting to the north, a stunning view of the skyline.

              speaking of walking near the girard el... just a tasty tidbit for the holidays... the newly opened (six months ago or so?) coffee house next to the tattoo place is a great little spot... they have some wonderful festive coffee drinks on the menu, including my favorite, the holly jolly mocha. i get it with white chocolate (normally i think it comes with dark). it has (pepper?)mint syrup and candy cane crumbles on the top. i'm sure it's a million calories, but they are calories worth comsumption... from someone who doesn't even ever go for the "frou frou" drinks, usually a cup of brewed coffee is fine by me. i just thought of this place because there was a recent posting where someone was looking for white chocolate peppermint bark (i love that stuff too), and this drink reminds me of the liquid version of that.
              plus, the owner is extremely friendly and they have a cute tented (for the winter) heated garden in the back, with ashtrays and cushioned benches, if hanging out with a coffee and a smoke is your thing.

              sorry, queen of getting off-track signing off. :)

            2. I really like it. It's small intimate, BYO. Since I live w/in walking distance I've been there a number of times. The quality of food is really good. They have a $30.00 prix fix option, but you get to choose the 4 courses right off the menu. It is a bit tight there space wise, but worth it. Service is always good, and friendly, never had a bad experience with service or not being attended to, in the front or back of the restaurant. Always a good time with good friends, family or a nice date!