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Dec 1, 2007 08:06 AM

Any luck finding all-butter puff pastry in Pas/Glendale stores?

Hello, all,

Has anybody in the Glendale/Pasadena areas found a source for all-butter puff pastry dough, since I am the czarina of poor time management and will probably never master making it myself? Thanks for your help.

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  1. Trader Joe's has it in the frozen section. It's a very good product. In fact I just put an apple tart I made with it in the oven.

    Also, Jon's Market carries a couple of varieties of it that I have yet to try.

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    1. re: Bob Brooks

      Thanks so much for the information!

      1. re: Bob Brooks

        Gelson's carries it, as well. Also filo as well as the puff pastry.

        Heck, most Ralph's have it.

        1. re: Diana

          Most supermarkets do indeed carry puff pastry -- but it's more often than not Pepperidge Farm or some other brand that is made with partially-hydrogenated vegetable shortening and not with butter -- the difference in taste is quite noticeable. Until Trader Joe's began stocking it recently, your only options were Surfas and Nicole's and probably a few other places.

      2. I've always purchased my all-butter puff pastry from Nicole's Gourmet Foods in South Pasadena. Nicole sells the puff pastry in large, unfolded sheets. Trader Joe's just recently started carrying it but I haven't tried it yet.