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Dec 1, 2007 07:55 AM

Salbute closing

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  1. Not surprising. Recently, i read something in the local paper that said small businesses and restaurants are being forced out of Hinsdale. Property owners are making room for big names and/or chains to move in by raising rents of the little guys.

    1. No big loss,

      I ate lunch there a couple of months ago and the food was not very good, and expensive. They had the misfortune of me eating there only days after going to Frontera. For the prices Salbute charges, they were nowhere near Frontera's levelof quality, taste.

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      1. re: swsidejim

        Naperville has practically nothing but restaurants in its downtown.
        Hinsdale can't keep a restaurant in its downtown.......

          1. re: donna5657

            I agree that the food at Salbute is very mediocre at best, with very high prices.
            There are too many superior choices for diners in the surrounding Oakbrook/Hinsdale area. With the explosion of new restaurants opening in Oakbrook in the last year, they just couldn't compete with mediocre overpriced food.

          2. re: Hensley

            Actually, Salbute is an example of the type of restaurant that would have a hard time making it in downtown Naperville these days. Downtown Naperville now is almost all corporate/big name restaurants. Bistrot Margot, 10 West, and most other smaller and/or locally owned places have closed.

            I am a bit surprised that Salbute is closing, but I wasn't all that impressed on our one visit there. I'm not sure if downtown Hinsdale is making room for chains/big names. I get the impression that Hinsdale residents don't really care if their downtown becomes a dining/shopping destination, and would prefer to keep it relatively quiet and quaint.

            1. re: RMA

              In defense of Downtown Naperville, it really is far from almost ALL corporate/big name restaurants. I mean, there are some, like Ted's Montana Grill, Sullivans, Hugo's, Jilly's, Catch 35, etc. but many people seem to overlook the smaller unique (and popular) non-chain restaurants as well. Like Tessa's for example and Front Street Cantina, Masala Yangu, La Sorella Di Francesca and Meson Sabika among others. In my opinion there's a "good mix" of restaurants in Downtown Naperville.

              1. re: janybird

                That is a fair point, Janybird. There are a few smaller places, like Front Street and Potter's Place, that have been there for a while and still manage to hang around. (La Sorella -- which I like -- I would definitely group in with the big name/corporate places.)

                However, I do believe that a restaurant like Salbute would have a hard time making it in downtown Naperville these days. The fact of the matter is that, while I love downtown Naperville (for the most part), the smaller unique places (10 West, Bistrot Margot, Clara's at the Square, Elaine, Copa Cubana and Carzz all come to mind) really haven't been able to make a go of it in recent years.

                1. re: janybird

                  To be fair, Meson Sabika is not in downtown Naperville, La Sorella is part of the Mia Francesca chain, and Front Street Cantina is an outpost of the original in Wheaton (on Front Street!).

                  I have high hopes for Masala Yangu, but sadly, I suspect it will go the way of Copa Cubana and Carzz...someone with deep pockets will open an outpost restaurant with similar ethnic cuisine and put it out of business.

            2. Salbute served terrible, acrid, bitter tasting pork(the tortillas were dry, adn falling apart), and the service was terrible. Frontera, sol De Mexicao, and Amanacer Taptio are head and shoulders above what Salbute attempted on their best day. You are in the minority on this one for sure. Thanks for your opinion though.

              BTW, welcome to Chowhound, nice first post. ;-)

              Have a nice weekend Louis

            3. I agree, it is unfortunate. You would think that Hinsdale could embrace these small businesses, but unfortunatly there is a long line of misses for this town. First Tommy R's Closed, then Corner Bakery moved in then Zingermann's had to change their name and finally Kirsten's Danish Bakery closed. Luckily for all Hindale-ians they still have one bakery that is not corporate owned.