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Dec 1, 2007 07:28 AM

Atwater Market Area

I have recently moved to the Atwater Market Area and I would appreciate any feedback and tips on the jewels in the area.

There seems to be quite a few good restaurants and shops in the area.

Would appreciate hearing about people's experiences in this area.

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  1. Joe Beef and Liverpool House are both nearby. The Gazette reviewed Liverpool House today, you should check it out. Do a search for Joe Beef for more info.

    1. I live in the area too. So far I have tried a couple of places.
      Toi,moi et cafe: was okay but I thought a bit pricey for what I got (some crepe with fruits). I should go back and try something else, or maybe just go for coffee.
      Quoi d'n'oeuf: I had something very good but so not healthy when I went - slices of bacon wrapped in a crepe, covered in maple syrup. SO GOOD. very cute atmosphere and the prices were quite decent.
      Chez John (corner Notre-Dame and Ste-Marguerite): my god, a trip back in time. 1st the prices $2.85 for eggs, bacon, potatoes, 'cretons', etc... 2nd Sunday brunch. Now, don't get me wrong, there is nothing fancy here. For $9.95, it's all you can eat cabane a sucre style food, all homemade, including a salad bar (iceberg lettuce, chopped mushrooms and grated carrots, wine vinegar for seasonning). A typical "buffet de grand-mere". When my sister and I saw the lady take the lemon meringue pie out of the kitchen (freshly made), we nearly lost it! So like what my grandma would serve us!
      Caffe Mariani (right next to Sir George Etienne Cartier on Notre-Dame) - I love their lattes, the place is so cute. The pizza is fresh and delicious, and their homemade salads look out of this world. Very decent pricing for the quality of the food.
      Sans menu: very good food, good service, good wine. Will go back.
      Have yet to try Joe Beef and Liverpool House.

      Hope this helps!

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        I'd definitely echo Sans Menu. It's a dear little gem in a neighbourhood which is largely sorely lacking a slightly more refined edge. Toi, Moi et Cafe is also decent. Not amazing or anything, but it's a pretty tasty breakfast.

        1. re: Em24

          Em24 I have tried Quoi d'n'oeuf, Chez John & Caffe Mariani
          Enjoyed them all. Thanks for the suggestions
          There is a new Tapas/Portugese Grill Restaurant opening next to Sans Menu
          Can't wait to try all the other interesting places.

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          1. Anyone ever heard of Onze Restaurant Bar? Its in the same area, I saw it last night as I was driving by, looked like a busy trendy spot....any idea how the food/prices are?

            Onze Restaurant Bar inc.
            2496 Notre-Dame Ouest
            Montréal, Qc.
            H3J 1N5
            (514) 938-5575

            1. I just moved into the area too and I love Onze for its ambience, friendly staff and great events (like "Meet the Neighbours") Foods very good too and reasonably priced.
              I prefer Caffe Marianni's over Moi,Toi & Cafe any day
              And there's also LIli&Oli's for the best coffee and conversation.
              Also recommended is Spa Savanna for great massages and beautiful atmosphere!

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              1. re: spakate

                Cool, don't know any of those places - thanks for sharing!

                Is this the Caffe Mariani you mean and do they serve breakfast? How's the pizza?

                1. re: kpzoo

                  that's exactly it.
                  don't know about their pizza, but they do a great breakfast panini with ham, eggs and cheese. miam.