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Dec 1, 2007 06:25 AM

Chocolate truffle shells?

OK, this is a long shot, I know. I am looking for a local source of chocolate truffle shells. Ten years ago or so, I used to buy them from either EA Tosi & Sons or Imported Foods. Both companies have disappeared. I have found an online source, but I'd rather buy them locally if I can. Dole & Bailey is absolutely bizarre about selling to non-wholesale customers (why the rest of the world manages to keep retail and wholesale customers separate but it gets D&B's panties in a hella twist, I don't know, but it does). Jack Smilie doesn't sell that kind of thing, though they do have chocolate dessert shells sometimes. That's it, that's all my ideas - anyone know of a source? Thanks!

Oh, and while I'm at it, I came across a great idea for sticking a thin peppermint stick into the truffle shell hole and then enrobing around it, so you basically have a truffle-on-a-stick. So now I'm looking for small thin peppermint sticks, too, if anyone has seen them anywhere.

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  1. Uster imports used to sell them, they also sold the molds to make them but they might have fallen out of favor due to cost, its so much cheaper (and quicker) not to use the shell.

    Many wholesalers are concerned about selling to the public because the products aren't legally labelled for the retail mkt. Restaurant depot in Needham is the place to go if you can get in the door , its not open to the public but I notice a lot of russians are staring to appear there buying for the home.
    Boneless chicken $1.25 lb.
    Callebaut couverture, $3lb.
    Hi gluten flour $12 x 50lb

    1. Boston Gourmet Chefs in Framingham (obviously you can get wholesale delivery) has a great selection of pastry products and good customer service. The rest are probably just wholesale, but for sure you can go to Boston Gourmet Chefs in person to buy cash or check in hand. They have a website.

      You can always try JB Prince online, they have everything, an amazing resource.

      1. Believe it or not, you can often buy empty chocolate truffle shells from the Lindt outlet store in Wrentham Mills. Definitely call and ask, because they don't always have them, and prepare that a certain number of them will be broken or unattractively scuffed (they're just poured into a large plastic bag), but the prices can't be beat, and Lindt truffles are quite nice.