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Seven Hills in Nashua, NH. Go Now!

I had wanted to try this place for a while after seeing several glowing reviews in local papers, but hadn't got around to it yet. Last night my wife and I stumbled upon it after Christmas shopping and I really can't rave about it enough.

It is a rather modern looking space with a bar and only a handful of tables in a long, narrow room on the first floor. We didn't make it downstairs but I believe they have a deck looking onto the river out back. We ordered a bottle of Shiraz that was good, not great, but a good value at $24. They have a small wine list with all bottles either $24 or $34, and a full bar.

We ordered the Seven Hills sampler plate to start, while I got the Iskender Kebab and my wife ordered the Chicken Skewer. The sampler was awesome and I will give a quick rundown of what I remember.

Sigara Boregi: Little phyllo rolls stuffed with a sweet cheese, not unlike blintz filling. I could have eaten a dozen of these.

Yalanci Dolma: Stuffed grape leaves filled with rice, currants, and spices. I know there was cinnamon, not sure what else. Very good, lighter than Greek stuffed grape leaves.

Soujouk: Turkish Pepperoni, is how it was described on the menu, I thought it tasted more like a cross between Kielbasa and Salami. Either way it was great, served in a cumin scented sweet sauce.

Kofte: Lamb and beef meat patties. Very tasty, especially when combined with the salad in a pita pocket.

Piyaz: Kind of a basic lettuce, carrot, onion and herb salad with tender white beans. The dressing was lemony and fresh. We found ourselves taking little bites of this the entire meal to kind of cleanse the palate.

Cheese and Olives: A very nice feta style cheese, a little less salty than Greek feta. With oil cured, wrinkly black olives. A basket of soft pita pockets was also included.


Iskender Kebab: This really just blew me away. My only experience with Turkish food was at Oleana which obviously isn't traditional Turkish, so I didn't know what to expect here. It was finely sliced (julienned really) lamb and beef, in a buttery, rich tomato sauce. The meat was from chewier cuts but the knifework made it very tender while retaining intense, almost gamey, meat flavor. It was served over pita bread which soaked up the sauce and reached a soft, almost pasta like consistency. This also came with excellent Turkish yogurt, a grilled hot pepper, and chunk of grilled tomato. One of the best entrees I have had in a long time.

Chicken Skewer: Large chunks of spice rubbed chicken cooked on the grill, with a nice smokiness and juicy interior. Served off the skewer with grilled peppers and onions, and an amazing basmati rice, each grain distinct, fluffy and buttery with just a touch of black pepper and maybe another spice in the background. I could have made a meal of just the rice and pita bread, it was that good.

They offer a few desserts, saw some baklava go by which looked good, but we were too stuffed to try anything. The Turkish coffee also smelled terrific. It was very quiet on a busy night in Nashua, where every chain restaurant we drove by was utterly slammed, so hopefully they are doing ok. Thats all the more reason to check this place out!

Seven HIlls Restaurant
57 Factory Street
Nashua, NH 03060
(603) 578-0777

(looking at the website for this info I see they have a full Turkish grocery on site as well, if anyone checks this out please post!)

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  1. We love this place--I posted about it a while back. The owners are very nice, and the grocery store is your one-stop source for Turkish Delight. I agree with you: drive past that chain restaurant and try this unique place.

    1. I totally agree!! Try dipping the potato sigaras in the lentil soup. Yummy :)

      1. Sounds great- thanks for the tip.

        Can anyone tell me what the entree price range is for dinner?


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          I remember it being very reasonable. Their website is www.sevenhillsrestaurant.net, I dont't know if they have prices listed though.

          1. re: pastryprncess

            No prices on the menu, unfortunately (at least, not that I can find).

            I just like to know ahead if it's a Sat night meal, or a 'special event' meal....


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              Go their web site; www.sevenhillsrestaurant.net
              Click "Menu" at the left frame
              Click "Printed Menus" (last photo) at the bottom of right frame.
              You can download or print whole menu with price.

              1. re: Attila

                Thanks, Attila!

                I also saw on the printed menu that they offer monthly cooking demos- I'll have to check that out!

                BTW- Evening entrees were priced between $12-20.

        2. I definitely want to try this place and had heard good things about it. I recently read through both "The Sultan's Table" by Ozcan Ozan and "Spice" by Ana Sortun (Oleana), which are good Turkish/Middle-eastern cookbooks and may help explain the cuisine.

          However, I must also say "Go Now!" to Mezza Lebanese Bistro in Nashua, just around the corner from Seven Hills. I went there before Thanksgiving and have been meaning to mention it here. I went with a group of eight and we each ordered the "Deluxe Mezza" for $24. It was a feast, to say the least and the food was great. We were in no rush, but the meal lasted 2-3 hours, so plan accordingly. It is also BYOB, so you can bring your own wine. I like reds and brought a Cuvée Alexandre Merlot by Casa Lapostolle, a wine that would be a bargain at 4 times the cost in a restaurant (imo).

          So yes, definitely go to these places. I would like them to stay around for a while!

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            Thanks for the reminder about Mezza--I've been meaning to try it too. I actually thought it had closed. While we're at it, a shout out to Rachida's--Moroccan food in Milford NH. She offers tagine and other specialties. The lemon confit chicken is excellent.

            1. re: natureboy

              LOVE Mezza. Looks much nicer inside than outside. Reasonably priced and food was delicious.

            2. A group of twenty of us were in Nashua this week for the campaign and one of our friends was celebrating in 65th birthday on primary eve. We found this posting and called Umet, the owner to see if he could accommodate twenty of us Monday night. He told us that he usually is closed on Monday but would open for our party. Umet, his wife (the chef) and his waiter were extremely hospitable. Because there were twenty of us, Umet suggested that he prepare a sampler and we were especially pleased with the Iskendar and the grape leaves which were (to me anyhow) very much enhanced by the cinnamon as mentioned by the OP. When I saw other members of our group the next day, they were all extremely complimentary of our choice.

              1. We LOVE Turkish food and will definitely check this place out. Thanks for the rec!

                1. Went in for lunch with some clients a few days back and everyone was extremely impressed. I would say that you might want to factor in some additional time for lunch but the food was outstanding. We shared the seven hills sampler (the OP did a great job describing it) and tried their wraps. I had the Adana wrap in the spicy version and the clients tried the doner wraps. Considering the chain restaurants, this was a refreshing change. Hope it stays...

                  1. I finally made it to Seven Hills this Saturday night for dinner. It's just 100 yards or so off Main St. Nashua on a side street, and there were plenty of parking options around the restaurant - a nice thing.

                    We got the sampler platter for an appetizer, not being familiar with Turkish food. This proved to be a nice way to try a few different things. One of the items on the platter was a type of sausage in a sweet, smoky tomato sauce which I really liked. I think that item is an entree option described as a "pepperoni," if I recall correctly. A good bet for next time.

                    I'm so bad at remembering the names of dishes..... and too lazy to go to their web site to look them up. Suffice it to say the food was unique and delicious. The menu had very good descriptions so it wasn't hard to get an idea of what you are ordering, even if totally unfamiliar with Turkish food as I am.

                    Very good, friendly service - with unique, satisfying food. I will indeed be going back!!

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                    1. re: Dave B

                      I love this place! My favorites are the sampler plate appetizer and the Adana kebab (spicy). This is my favorite place to eat in Nashua!

                    2. just received this email from Seven Hills:

                      Seven Hills Restaurants is sold to Francis Development, LLC and The Timber Grill, LLC on Thursday, April 24th. 2008.

                      We cordially thank to all our customers (friends) for their great support to us.

                      If you have any questions or any concerns, please feel free to e-mail us at Letseat@SevenHillsRestaurant.net

                      We hope to see and serve you again!

                      Umit & Merve Palabiyik

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                      1. re: whs

                        How sad, they seemed to just be hitting their stride.

                      2. Nashua Telegraph confirms today that Seven Hills has closed.

                        1. If anyone wishes to see a particular restaurant go out of business, for a small fee I will go dine there and then post on Chowhound. At least it seems I may possess this special restaurant-closing power.

                          A few weeks ago I went to Rachida's Moroccan in Milford. Post review. Boom - closed. Now the same thing with Seven Hills.

                          Moving forward I think I'll have to be careful NOT to post about places I like. A shame about both Seven Hills and Rachida's. I'm sorry.

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                          1. re: Dave B

                            There are several places I'd like for you to review, but we'll spare them for the time being!

                            Honestly, and I hate to repeat myself, but a lot of cutting edge eating establishments that are too foreign for local tastes do not tend to do well in New Hampshire.

                            The problem with a lot of these places is that they want to offer something “new” and “fresh” without taking the New England Yankee “learning curve” into consideration. At times, they fall back on offering more mainstream menu items and in effect, cannibalize their concept. Rachida's is a case in point.

                            People that read Chowhound tend to be more sophisticated with regards to food and taste, but this is not true of the general population.

                            1. re: whs

                              Yes, we were there a few weeks ago. That's a sad situation, which I hope reverses itself.