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Synaxis~Asbury Park, NJ

I just saw an ad for this place in the Asbury Park Press. It did not have a website, but it says it is Greek-Mediterranan cuisine...right up my alley!!

It is located at 660 Cookman Ave. in Asbury. 732-897-9700

Has anyone been here?? Please do tell...maybe I will take one for the team and try it out!! :)

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  1. New to me. Please let us know if you go.

    1. Went there just after opening and...
      - Lovely place
      - Nice staff
      - Decent mediterranan food selection
      - Pricing through the roof ($40 for a piece of fish and does not include app, veg or desert) not to mention very expensive drinks and wine
      - Go with a wad of cash or an expense account
      - Better yet go to Moonstruck and spend a lot less for the same quality food and...

      1. Does anyone know if they have a website? I can't find one when I googled.

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        1. re: Angelina

          Hey, Angelina,

          You could call the restaurant and ask them. If they don't, tell them that in this day and computer age, it's a must! :-)) Tel.: 732-897-5700

          1. re: RGR

            ha! ha! TOO funny, RGR!!! and sooo right!! I know we discussed this before, and it get me crazy when there is no website!!

              1. o.k. all....here is is. We will never be going back, and neither should any of you try this place, unless you like poor quality and over priced food. We went over the weekend and arrived about 6 pm. DEAD....no one in the place. The four of us thought, maybe it is just too early. We stayed. When seated the service was sort of overbearing. Every few minutes, "Are you ready to order, yet?" As if some big rush was going to come in through the door.

                Anyhow, when seated they give you hummus, recycled olives, recycled cheeses and some nasty old pita bread that they clearly broiled to make it seem fresh. Good thing my friend did'nt break her teeth on it. The menu was priced Manhattan prices. $ 35 an up an entree. Too high for this area. I don't mind paying for something good, but this place certainly did not live up to it.

                They have a fish display, but there is just so much on top, you bearly see the fish, just the tails. We started with some appetizers..a sampler platter. It came out of the kitchen way too quick to be cooked to order...which leads me to believe the dish was microwaved. The fried calamari was too slaty and rubbery. The dolmades were o.k. not great. The stuffed grape leaves tasted like from a can..nothing special at all.

                Dinner was a snooze fest. 2 orders of Royal Dorado and it was utterly tasteless. It needed so much salt to kill the fishy taste. The shrimp saganaki was good not great. We definately did not want to stay for dessert, so we left. Needless to say, I will not be back at all.

                This teaches me a lesson about my gut instinct when it somes to a "new" place with no website......Never again!

                If you choose to go, good luck.

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                  Despite this review, I'm planning trying Synaxis. Is it BYOB or do they have a liquor license?

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                      Well, as I said , despite the bad review I wanted to try Synaxis...and all I can say is UGH!. It was quite bad. The appetizer sampler has some good tidbits but the entrees were unbelievably tasteless and bad. The interior is lovely and the wait staff good, but certainly I won't be going back. Don't expect this place to last very long!

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                        I had high hopes, too SusieQQ. I don't forsee this place staying long either. Too bad beacuse the place is very pretty inside, a little too big, but still nice.

                        1. re: Angelina

                          Shame to see this one go. But how is the bar?

                          1. re: aacharya

                            If you like drinking alone, this place is for YOU! All kidding aside, the bar was just as dead as the restaurant. They do however, have a lounge attached to it. We did not go because we just wanted to get out of there. The layout of the place is exactly how Harry's Roadhouse was set up..with a few adjustments.

                            Poor Synakis. I really, really wanted it to be good!!

                    2. re: Angelina

                      I have to say, I was there last night (before reading this thread) and I didn't nearly have the horrific experience I should have according to the posts here. I agree that the prices for fish are high ($26 per pound for Atlantic Black Sea Bass, which comes deboned and butterflied). But $8 for a glass of wine isn't quite sticker shock. Our service was fair, and I didn't get the impression that the cheese and baked pitas were recyled, though the latter were stale. Our dip sampler was fine and the fish was cooked to order. My biggest complaint was that they were out of about half of the fish included in their grilled entrees list. Just no excuse for that, esp. since they're featuring an abundance of specifically imported items that are likely hard to get. Maybe less exotic choices, more domestic product and the occasional special with the imports would make it easier to order. Two out of three at the table had to change their choice at the last minute.

                      I will say that the place was failry empty, but that doesn't always mean the place is bad. I won't give the place an "A" and may not rush back, but the experience was fine and I wouldn't stay away.

                      And on the subject of price: high prices for mediocre quality is nothing new these days in Asbury. Somehow, the cost of operating a business in the ever-changing town has exceeded the progress there, so they're all tacking on the costs of their leases and liquor licenses to the menu. You can't go to a new place in Asbury and be surprised at the price, though I agree that there are better restaurants in the area that are equally priced, or even less (see Taka, Brickwall, Moonstruck).

                      Just another perspective......

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                        Is this place still open? Anyone been there or heard anything in the past year?

                        1. re: equal_Mark

                          I know that it's open, because my husband and daughter have been to the bar area for Joe Harvard's "Lost Weekend," a very unusual musician's jam session, which takes place on Monday nights. I don't know how the restaurant is doing, except that it's open.

                    3. There is a review on Synaxis in today's Asbury Park Press, Entertainment section.

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                          Just read the article. Mixed review. Still for those prices better quality and consistency necessary.