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Chicago Area German Deli and Grocery Store

Hi, I'm looking for a German deli and grocery store ( not restaurant) somewhere in the Chicago area. It was quite disappointing when the Meyer place on Lincoln closed. So I went to Kuhn's in Deerfield but am not impressed with their collection and quality. They used to be much better when they were still in Chicago - years ago.
A few months ago I saw that there is a store somewhere in the Western suburbs, that is supposed to be great. If anyone can tell me, what it's called and where it is, it will be highly appreaciated.

Thanks in advance and have a Happy Holiday!!

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  1. Sorry I can't be of more help, but I'm not aware of any other German delis -- lots of Polish delis. That being said, I don't believe it has happened yet, but Gene's Sausage will be moving into the old Meyer location. I understand that Gene's will remain open at its original location at 5330 W. Belmont. Now Gene's is not a German deli, but it might have some of the items you're looking for.

    1. Here is a link to a list of German stores. It is very out of date, so you better call the places before making the trip. For instance, I know the place listed in Elmhurst is now an Irish pub (and has been for some time).


      1. You are not thinking of the Wurst Kitchen in Aurora, are you. They have some German items, but it is not somewhere I would make a long trip to. Call first because they have odd hours. They do make an excellant brat and a great spicy brat called a Kicker Brat.

        1. Paulina Meat Market on Lincoln Avenue 2 blocks south of Addison. Plenty of quality authentic German meats/sausage, etc...and old fashioned American as well.

          1. I frequent a German place in Palatine called, Edelweiss Deli. It is small tiny but very German storefront next door to Eurofresh Grocery.. Excellent deli meats, German sausages, homemade soups and side salads, German imported canned goods, chocolates and so on can be found there too.

            Closed on Mondays!

            Edelweiss Delicatessen
            136 W. Northwest Hwy

            1. Many european markets are opening up the the northern suburbs. There is Harvest Fresh on Arlington Hts Rd and Rand Rd in Arlington Hts, Euro Fresh on Northwest Hwy in Palatine. The Paulina Market on Paulina and LIncoln Ave in Chicago has a very good selection of german butcher/deli/grocery items.

              1. Have you found this yet? As we are again nearing the Christmas season, if you haven't you may be looking again. I think I have the answer, at least the location. Just west of I-355 on Roosevelt Road. Two acquaintences have recently mentioned this place, and I hope to head out there very soon.

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                  hiho, the suspense is killing us. What place on Roosevelt Rd??

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                    What you're thinking of is the place in Elmhurst that moved to Villa Park and took on a new name- Alpine Deli. Sad to say, the couple that owned it retired last year and closed up shop. So we are without an "authentic" German deli in the Western suburbs. Valli Produce (on North Avenue in Glendale Heights) carries a wide selection of foreign foods, so much so that they have 1/4 of an aisle of German imports in the "German" aisle. Additionally they carry lots of German candies (over near the fruit and veggies) and sausages from German butchers (in the deli and in the self-serve deli across from the deli counter). Helen's Deli on Irving Park Road in Wood Dale albeit Polish carries a lot of German sausages. That's the best I have found to date!

                  2. Lincoln Quality Meat Market in Lincoln Square is good for German meat and sausages, although it no longer is exclusively German and also sells products from other ethnic groups. Lincoln Square used to have a thriving German community and still has a couple of restaurants, too. I have gotten meat for rouladen there, as well as fresh bratwurst, weisswurst, knockwurst, lockshinken, and kassler. They also have german style deli products like potato salad and kracker brot, etc.

                    4661 North Lincoln Avenue
                    Chicago, IL 60625

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                      Just an FYI: They are closed on Sundays and Mondays. But I can attest to the quality of their meats and their service is top-notch

                    2. Has anyone tried Stiglmeier,here is the toll free phone number 1-800-451-8199 and web site. www.stiglmeier.com .Meyers Deli carried a lot of there lunch meats and wiener wurstchen and leber wurst,I don't know exactly where they are located,I do know that they ship, they might have a store , if they do please give us a feed back.

                      1. There is a place called Kuhn's Delicatessen in the Chicago suburbs. Just type in the name and you should come up with it. They have most of what you would want/need from Germany! I can highly recommend it!

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                          The original poster mentioned in the opening post that he/she has already been there and was not impressed.

                        2. Gene's in Lincoln Square (opened within the past few months) might fit the bill and is quite large. I can't speak to the quality of their meat, but the variety of what they offer is a bit overwhelming (in a good way).

                          Just noticed that another poster mentioned a planned Gene's location where Meyer's once was... perhaps this is it.

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                            The new Gene's in Lincoln Square is what BRB was talking about in the first reply. They have a lot of merchandise but the selection of German products is very limited.

                            Avoid the flavorless veal grilling brats. The veal brats at Lincoln Quality Market in the next block are a lot better.

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                              I have been looking around the country for years now to find a substitute for Meyer's on Lincoln Square and have been very disappointed. I used to have a variety of brats, wurst, leberkaese, etc. flown in from Meyer's for Mardi Gras grilling every year here in New Orleans. Flavor and service were always great. Does anyone know if Gene's or Lincoln Quality Meats ship? Can't tell from what I've seen on the web. I'm also open to other suggestions. Tried Paulina once and they didn't meet my expectation. Never tried Stieglmeier.

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                                Katherina (Jan 2009) mentioned Alpine Deli on Roosevelt Rd (Villa Park). For my money and taste, they had the absolute best white brats (Pork and Veal) anywhere. They were so rich, you could only get one or two down before being overwhelmed and they were no mushy. The last time I visited them years ago I asked the owner if he made his own white brats and he told me he bought them from a purveyor in Chicago. Given the similarity of taste to the ones that used to be served at Berghoff''s, they may have used the same purveyor. If anyone knows who was supplying them, please contribute a name and number. I'm dying here without my white brats. I've also been to Wurst Kitchen in Aurora. I would not recommend their white brats (mushy and weak on flavor) but their other brats and sausages are teriffic - all homemade on location. I've spoken to Stiglmeier and mentioned Alpine and Bergoff's and they didn't come back with any indication of supplying them.

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                                  The new Genes on Lincoln Ave. has lots of great merchandise, however, I'm not impressed with the selection of german sausages/meats. Where I still buy my brats, meats and other sausages is at Schmeisser's at 7649 N. Milwaukee Ave. in Niles. Best brats, leberkase, landjager in town! Also, Bende's in Vernon Hills (is a German/Hungarian) meat market and also carries general merchandise. Phone number there is 847-913-0306. Bende is also off of Milwaukee Ave. And where I buy my Stiglmeier products (at the best price) is at Shop & Save (Certified Grocery Store). There are stores in Des Plaines & Niles that I know of. Check on line for additional stores. Happy shopping!

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                                    A short drive from Chicago in Madison Wisconsin is Bavaria Sausage. They have a store there and a fantastic selection of foods to ship @ (www.bavariasausage.com) or order by phone @ 1-800-733-6695. They have meats, sausages, sweets, coffees and more. They have meal packages: choose from Sauerbraten, Rouladen, Leberkase or Kassler Ribchen which make terrific gifts. What do you get an elderly German Tante (Aunt) for a gift? Meals from Bavaria Sausage! It's a taste of her homeland and she has loved everything I've sent her from there.

                                    If you're in the western suburbs there is also a Bende's (see earlier review)- on Roosevelt Road in Glen Ellyn. And Valli Produce on North Avenue in Glendale Heights keeps getting more German foods (their International Food selection can't be beat!). They also carry Stiglmeier sausages. There I discovered Mondamin Sosenbinder- it's a thickening powder to make lump-free gravy with. Comes in light and dark, you whisk it into your meat juices and bring to a slight boil and you will have chef-quality sauces. Add some Maggi or spices to taste. Leave the meat bits in or you're family won't believe it's homemade gravy, it's so good!

                                    Guten Appetite!

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                                  "I have been looking around the country for years now..."
                                  Hmm. A couple good ones I know of and have personally patronized:
                                  Claus's in Indy, IN: http://www.clausgermansausageandmeats...
                                  Swiss Pork Store in Fair Lawn, NJ: http://www.swissporkstoreoffairlawn.com/

                                  [ Oh, that place in NJ is German. My information is that the spillover effects after the War led to folks in Fair Lawn [which is very Jewish] muttering about the store's name so they changed it to "Swiss". :-) ]