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Dec 1, 2007 05:46 AM

Thiland Restaurant, Columbia, SC : (

I have never done this before. But last night I did have occasion to refuse a red snapper dish as the fish was past it's prime. I asked for it to be removed from the bill. They said they ould only discount 15% because some of it had been consumed. I had one bite, brother had two bites and it was deemed icky at that point. Waitress says that they are eating the same fish (was it ours?) and it was fine. Was I unreasonable in wanting the whole dish comped? The spring rolls were great, the soup was not as good as it has been - good broth, stingy on veggies and tofu.

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  1. sweetpea, were you eating at the tiny thailand restaurant, near the K-Mart on St. Andrew's? or Thai Lotus, which is down the street and much larger? i hope it was not the tiny one, because that is my FAVORITE thai in town. i like it MUCH better than Lotus.

    next time, try the pad kee mau (sp?) with chicken. you won't be disappointed. the seafood curry is also good. i think you just ordered the wrong thing.

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    1. I read all the posts under the not about food side and agree with them - that is outrageous behavior by the waitress and management and I would not do business with them again. As one person said - there are way too many good restaurants around to waste time and money on a place such as this.