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Dec 1, 2007 05:12 AM

Pulled Pork Help

I'm currently cooking a pork butt to make pulled pork for a potluck tomorrow. Should I cook it most of the way, leave it whole and finish cooking it tomorrow? If so, at what temperature should I let it get to today. The recipes says to have it finish between 195 and 200 degrees. Another option would be to completely cook it and shread it today. If I do that, should I shread it and keep it in the sauce or add ir to the sauce tomorrow? What would be the best way to reheat it? Thanks!

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  1. I am doing exactly the same thing right now... 2 butts cooked today (on the smoker), for pulled pork tomorrow. I've done it maybe... 100 times before! So...

    Cook all the way. Pull. Sauce. Refrigerate. Done. Then reheat tomorrow. Absolutely. Positively.

    Are you doing smoked/BBQ? I use a sauce that it very vinegary, sort of a western North Carolina Q sauce. After I pull the meat, I put it in a half pan and add the sauce - not so it is swimming, but plenty to keep it moist through the reheat. You put the covered tray in the fridge. Tomorrow, just reheat on 300 in the oven for about an hour (should bring it up to 150 deg according to friendly health dept).

    Here's my sauce:

    1 1/2 C cider vinegar
    1/2 C brown sugar
    1 tablespoons kosher salt
    1 tablespoons red pepper (crushed)
    2 1/2 C water
    3/4 C ketchup

    OF course, you can use whatever sauce you want. Better if it is thin and tangy like this, for the purpose of the reheat.

    1. Cook it today, shred it and add the sauce tomorrow.
      But when you add the sauce, you will need to bring it back to temp in the oven.

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        why do you suggest sauce tomorrow? Even the most juicy pulled pork will get "icky" and dry if it is pulled and chilled without any added moisture. The meat and sauce will actually combine nicely today, and reheat as good or better tomorrow...

      2. What woodburner said. Definitely pull it before it cools.

        1. I agree with woodburner, too. It will be much easier to pull today, although I'm not sure I'd put the ketchup in today. That's a matter of personal taste, I guess.

          I'd also reheat, covered, in a low oven. Microwaving it really ruins the texture.

          1. We usually put it in a crock pot after shredding with the sauce and keep on low to warm through and keep it warm during the party.