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Dec 1, 2007 03:53 AM

Martha Stewart’s Baking Handbook: Simple Baked Goods; Cookies; & Cakes (Chapters 1, 2, and 3)

December 2007 Cookbooks of the Month, Martha Stewart’s Baking Handbook AND Martha Stewart’s Hors d’Oeuvres Handbook.

Please post your full-length reviews of simple baked goods, cookies, and cakes (Chapters 1, 2, and 3) here. Please mention the name of the recipe you are reviewing as well as any modifications you made to the recipe.

A reminder that the verbatim copying of recipes to the boards is a violation of the copyright of the original author. Posts with copied recipes will be removed.

Thanks for participating!

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  1. When I first got the book I immediately had to make the Mocha Roulade on pages 186-187. It came out tasting wonderful, but looking disastrous. The cake would not roll up like it is pictured, it just broke apart. So I put the cake and mousse into a bowl and served it as a trifle. It was delicious, but not a roulade.

    1. I made the Rugelach (p. 85). I made this recipe last year and it went over very well with my friends, as it did this time. I used the jelly and (probably) a largish cup each of currants and mini semisweet chocolate chips - I scattered them in handfuls until it looked nice and full.

      They cooked a little longer than the 25 minutes, in my oven, but I wanted them a bit browner than in the book's picture.

      1. The first thing I made were the Blueberry Muffins pg 37/ last July promptly after purchasing the book. I'm working through reading the book first, (Yes I know-slowly) But I am not a ambitious baker, I am learning, so I will whimp out more often...
        Anyway, these muffins I think were quite good I really liked the cakey muffin which is sweet, moist with a wonderful texture. I was fortunate to have very fresh blueberries from our Farmer's market which also were nice and sweet.
        I followed her steps except, since I've never experienced a problem with sunken berries in my Blueberry muffin recipes and the thought of flouring them didn't sound good to me, I did not flour the berries, and they did not sink. I folded them before baking, had the oven ready, and did not peek. I did turn them halfway through the baking time as she suggests.
        The only problem I had was that I did not get an even 12 muffins, as you can see from the photos, it is my error in judging how far up to fill the tin with batter.the second batch, the one on top, has a higher dome (and I baked them longer 35 mins in a gas oven). I would rather get 10 taller muffins than 12 smaller.

        I also didn't use liners, used Trader Joe's Baker's spray with flour.
        It's my opinion they are the best so far of the recipes I've tried.

        1. The recipe for carrot cake with orange ginger frosting is the best carrot cake I have ever had. The book makes it in cupcakes but I have done it as a whole cake. The cake is moist and flavorful and the frosting is delicious.

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            foodie06, I'm glad to hear this. I think I have a pretty good recipe for carrot cake, but the addition of orange and ginger make me want to try this. Are you using cake pans? 2 layers?

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                What a beautiful cake! Did you make the candied carrot strips? Thanks for the link, I have the book as well but this link with the picture shows it off beautifully.
                Thank you. I have been craving carrot cake!

          2. I made the white chocolate butterscotch cookies. DELICIOUS. But they browned WAY too quickly. I would definitely make them again but turn down the temperature and watch them closely.

            I wrote about these cookies here:

            I love this book and plan on cooking my way through it... as long as i don't gain 100lbs!