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Nov 30, 2007 11:06 PM

Central Grocery!

I will be in town next weekend Sat night, Sunday and Monday and I leave at 6:30 am Tues. So Basically Central Grocery will be closed the entire time I am there ( I get there too late on Sat. and leave too early on Tues.). Where else can I get a good Muffaletta? I will be in the FQ and I won't have a car but I can always cab it if need be. I have read on other posts that Nor Joe is good. Any other suggestions?

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  1. I'm not a muffelatta fanatic, I don't think I'd spend the dough for a cab ride to Metairie just for a NorJoe muff unless it's on your way in or out of the city while driving to the airport. Slightly more accessible is another variation of the muff...Liuzza's Frenchuletta, which is a muff on french bread. Located on Bienville, just past Jeff Davis.

    1. Napoleon House (500 Chartres St.) in the FQ. Enjoy!

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        sorry, but Napoleon House has pretty much the worst muff in town. I can't think of a plane ride out of N.O. without a muff onboard. I go to NorJoe, as second choice, when Central Gro is closed.

        1. re: jnc

          I agree. Stay away from Napoleon House. I read all kind of reviews about how great their muff was. When I finally got around to trying it, I was greatly disappointed. I like my muff's soaked with lots of olive oil and juice(that sounds bad, doesn't it?), with the scent of the meat and the cheese filling up your nostrils as I take a bite. Napoleon's was dry, boring and flavorless.