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Nov 30, 2007 10:59 PM

Florimond - Grape Mustard

We had a wonderful meal at Florimond on Thursday night, and there is one thing that we want to bring home with us from the meal.... The excellent face-en-face was served with a grape moutarde. Does anyone know what the proper name was for that incredible condiment and where we could buy it before we leave Paris tomorrow?

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  1. I would try the major supermarkets...Monoprix, etc. Otherwise, I was just checking around on-line. You can order it without a problem. Moutarde au mout de raisin translates as grape must mustard. That may be close...but look for the word 'raisin' and 'moutarde'.

    1. You might also try the Maille store on Place de Madeline. They sell pretty much nothing but mustard in various flavors.

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        my husband had that dish at the end of nov. and i tasted it with the mustard. really interesting mustard. i thought it was more about raisins and that depth of flavor.

      2. Might be Moutarde Violet de Brive, from Brive le Gaillard in the SW. I bought some in a small shop in the food market area near Rue can order it in the US from Zingermanns in Ann Arbor. I also saw some in a cheese shop Essex Street market in NYC.

        1. At the risk of sounding like the village idiot, I must ask what is the "face-en-face"?

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            It is a dish they serve there - I think they probably named it - it isn't anything crazy. It is basically Beef two ways - one is a type of steak maybe entrecote and the other is a small pot of braised beef cheeks.

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              Thanks, centrejack! Sounds interesting. I'll have to order that.