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Mad hunt for vintage candy

My wife, for years, has raved about a holiday candy she enjoyed when she was a young girl back in the late seventies, early eighties. She calls them "mint puffs" which she's sure is not the technical name for them. She describes them as round or oval shaped candies, maybe slightly smaller than a golf ball, that has the familiar candy cane striping. She says they are mint flavored, but these are not to be confused with the very hard, glossy, holiday mint candy of the same size and appearance that I think most of us are familiar with. These have a much softer texture. The best way I can describe them, based upon how she's described them to me, is that when biting into them, they have a little less "give" than a malt ball, and she says they just disintegrate and melt in your mouth instantaneously.

I would love to find these damn things and surprise her for Christmas. She hunts for them every year and never is able to find them. Any help out there???

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  1. Sees candy sells a mint like that. They are fun to crunch then they melt in your mouth. White with red stripes, I believe.

    They are called peppermint twists.


    1. If it is/was a packaged item sold in stores, you might find it here. But it's best to know a brand name.


      In perusing the site, I found something called King Leo Soft Peppermint Puffs. Could that be it?

      Good luck. Great idea for a Xmas present BTW.

      1. Sounds like the consistency you're speaking of is similar to that of mints with a jellied center -- the kind you get on your way out of a diner for instance. The mint shell resembles white porous chalk. It dissolves almost immediately in your mouth. Maybe this will help others in identifying what you want.

        Johnb might be right on target with the Peppermint puffs ...
        Look ---> http://www.hometownfavorites.com/prod...

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        1. That's probably Bob's peppermints. They're inexpensive and you may be able to find a huge tub of them at a local Walgreen's store or http://www.candywarehouse.com/sweetst... or other websites. They are an oldtime favorite and they do melt in your mouth.
          Don't even think of going upscale if this is what she remembers from her childhood. My father adored these and I used to give him an enormous wholesale tub of them several times a year. Then I got hooked on them too...

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            WalMart also carries them, both in the regular candy isle and in a larger container in the holiday candy isle, along with peppermint sticks that are also from Bob's for Christmas. I always stock up on them after Christmas at 50% off, since they are one of the few commercial candies made with sugar, since I'm allergic to corn. I also recently found cinnamon ones made by Bob's at Big Lots and Strawberry Cream, Key Lime & Pepermint ones made by King Leo- needless to say, I was in heaven.

            Cracker Barrel also carries some of the Bob's 100% sugar peppermints Soft Candy, as they call it, but it may only be the peppermint sticks- I can't remember off the top of my head.

            1. Vermont Country Store has a ton of the old fashioned candies, foods and other items... I love this place.

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                I <3 VCS, too. Last year I ordered some smoked gouda for my family for Christmas. It never got there and they sent three-year cheddar (they were out of gouda) to replace it, no additional charge.

              2. Hi....this might be a helpful sight as well:


                I agree, this is a great idea!

                1. What you're looking for are called "Soft Peppermint Puffs". I've got a bag of them right here in front of me. They are Red Bird Brand---says "Since 1890" and "The ORIGINAL Soft Mint Candy" on the front of the bag. The mints are individually wrapped. The 5.05 oz. bag is $1 at Dollar Tree Stores (known as "Everything's a Dollar" in some locations). You can't miss them---red/white/blue stripes on the bag (Made in the U.S.A.). Made by the Piedmont Candy Co. www.piedmontcandy.com

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                    No I know what they are I don't know the brand I am looking for them too. They were completely round as a golf ball and almost the size of a golf ball. My grand mother use to get them in a can about the size of a regular coffee can. They were almost chalky and very light the second you put them in your mouth they collapsed. You could almost swear they were hollow the way they melted so fast.

                  2. Hi there-

                    Walgreens carries Bob's Sweet Stripes Soft Peppermints. They are like the melt in your mouth malt ball texture your wife is describing. CVS also carries a similiar mint but they are less melt away. Bob's are delish! Hope you find them.......Cheers

                    1. I realize this reply is late, however, I search for these each year, also. This year I was a bit off as my mother died and now this mission is even more intense! These were my grandfather's favorite candies and I remember eating them as a kid (I'm 36). I checked each of these replies and they are all WRONG. The ones you are looking for are still a mystery to me, too. Since I was a kid, I don't remember the brand name, but I do remember these things: they were hard, almost like a ping pong ball, but totally dissolved once in the mouth, they came in a wide cylindrical canister - shape and dimension of a toilet paper roll, and you bought them at - I believe - Walgreens pharmacy. They are NOT, I repeat a Bob's mints product or that Leo Lion thing. If you find out/found out more, would you let ME know?! Thanks a million!

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                        The person above is absolutely correct! These candies ONLY CAME IN PEPPERMINT AND SPEARMINT AND WERE ROUND ONLY! Not pillow-shaped OR Oval! They were not individually wrapped, they came in a tin and we always had them at Christmas in the 1960's. (I'm 46) As most agree the spearmint ones were the best! I too have searched the internet for the past two years looking for these. Sadly, they are no longer made. They will always be a sweet memory for me and my sister and 2 brothers. The four of us would compete to see how fast we could make it dissolve in our mouths!Which was seconds. Then we'd stick out our tongues to prove who won! Maybe some candy company will make them again one day! If so, I'll be one of their best customers!

                        1. re: gheartoms06

                          You probably already know due to other responses but just incase... They were called Air Bons and Whitman's made them. They are not available any longer. I along with others havew contacted Whitman's about them and they currently have no plans to bring them back. I think everyone who's looking for them should email Whitmans and ask them to start making them again. If enought people do this they may eventually reconsider.

                          1. re: amarks007

                            I went online: www.russellstover.com and searched for Whitman's Air-Bon Mints. They have them! $4.99/bag. I don't think there is anything but peppermint flavor. No spearmint. Russell Stover makes Russell Stover, Whitman, and Pangburn candies now.

                        2. okay I am not a stalker... I think I solved the problem. If you are from the South, then the candy you are looking for WAS made by Elmer's candy company out of New Orleans. The company exists, however, they discontinued the product. I have written a most persuasive letter, though, encouraging them to make them at least one more Christmas etc. Hope this helps, and you don't think I am crazy.

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                          1. re: gheartoms06

                            You are awesome, gheart ... and the rest of you. What a supportive forum! My condolences for your loss, and please let me know if Elmer's Candy responds to your letter. Thanks so much!

                          2. I know exactly what your wife is looking for and it isn't the Red Bird brand or Bob's. My grandmother use to get them and I have been searching for them. They were put out by Brach's and they were wonderful. They came in Peppermint, Spearmint and even Cinnamon. I was buying them every christmas until about 3 or 4 years ago and for some reason I wasn't able to find them any more. Walmart had them for a while and then I found them at Kmart. If you find them let me know and if I find them I will post for you. Those things would melt almost as soon as you got them in your mouth and no need for chewing. You could mash them with your tongue even. They melted almost like cotton candy just not quite as fast as that.

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                              They were called Air Bons and Whitman's made them. They are no longer available however, they took them off the market.

                              1. re: yayadave

                                I know exactly what you are talking about, they were round and airy and striped. They came in mint and Butterscotch flavors, little smaller than a golf ball and melted in your mouth like meringue. They came in about a 5oz cellophane bag. I used to inhale the buuterscotch flavored ones. I cannot recall the name of the product though...

                              2. Phil - that is so sweet - and i know this post is super late, but try this.

                                i know exactly what she means.

                                1. I believe that you are talking about Air Bons.

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                                  1. re: PalmerMoose

                                    YES! That is what they were called, Air Bons...

                                  2. I have purchased a candy like you described at Cracker barrel. they dissolve pretty much as soon as you bite into one. They are little puff balls, white with red stripes and totally yummy. Not sure what they are called. My husband also purchased a big tub of them at CVS I believe. I can't remember the name tho.

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                                      Hi Guys, I enjoyed these candies also while growing up in No.Louisiana. The store that sold them then was K & B which has gone out of business. I remember only 2 flavors peppermint and my fav spearmint. I have searched the net and the shops mentioned here and have not found them. Someone said they were made by Elmers candy but they have discontinued their production. Elmers however still makes Easter and other holiday candies. The 2 main things that I recall about them was you had to keep the bag tightly sealed or the candy would lose their crispiness, and everytime you belched you had the freshest breath for days (smile). Happy Hunting and holler if you find them.

                                      1. re: EatmorePilgrimschicken

                                        There is a vintage candy store on the SE side of Cleveland that also ships their products. It has been featured many times on Food TV.


                                    2. You probably already know this but they were called Air Bons, Whitman's made them. They, however, don't make them anymore and upon emailing them they have no plans to bring them back. I miss them so much. My late grandmother bought them every christmas.

                                      1. I always called those "peppermint pillows" growing up. Try the (horrendously tacky but occasionally useful) store part of a Cracker Barrel Restaurant. I find lots of vintage candies (and great saltines) there...

                                        1. If anyone is still looking for these candies 2 years later...
                                          The Vermont Village Store sells something surprisingly similar to those described in the thread:

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                                          1. re: Gio

                                            are those what the OP is seeking?
                                            I've seen those forever everywhere it seems.
                                            now I'll pay attention.

                                            now if anyone can just find me a Hollywood or Hollywoodland Candy bar I'd do 456,947 runs through barrels, buck necket :)

                                          2. before I read your post, I thought it was just an inquiry about where to find old fashioned impossible to find candy of yesteryear. I was about to read with enthusiasm.

                                            my thoughts are Cracker Barrel or calling Peggy Sues in Barstow California.

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                                            1. re: iL Divo

                                              Yeah, I thought we were gonna be talking about "Black Cows", "peanut butter logs", "Charleston Chews, "Chicken legs", "Pop Rocks", "Fizzies" "Kool aid straws" and "Zero bars".

                                              1. re: Hank Hanover

                                                HH^^^I know huh! still hoping anyone will find me a Hollywood bar

                                                1. re: iL Divo

                                                  Have you tried Galco's in Highland Park? They have a nice assortment of old fashioned candy.

                                                  1. re: happybaker

                                                    I haven't heard of it HB but I could call them and will~thanks.

                                                    rattzo's~not open yet....I'll keep trying.
                                                    nope they don't have them thanks anyway.

                                            2. Are you thinking of Old King Leo peppermint balls? I suspect you can find them via Google, and Williams Sonoma sometimes carries them, and the same brand's peppermint sticks, around Christmas time.

                                              1. I have seen what you are describing at Walgreen's. They are red and white candy cane puff balls. Lots of air much lighter than a regular candy cane.

                                                1. nostalgiccandy.com does not carry what you are looking for, but I recenly came upon it while looking for something else and just mention it because they have neat "decade boxes" which are assortments of candies from many of our childhoods. I now have a gift idea for a friend who really does have everything.

                                                  1. It sounds like you are talking about Bobs Peppermint Puffs. You can find these as well as other Bob's products and many other hard to find nostalgic candy at http://www.candycrate.com/bobs-soft-p...

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                                                    1. re: jmreese

                                                      Thanks for the reply but I've had Bob's and those aren't the ones we're looking for. Thanks anyway though.

                                                    2. Phil, I'm not sure if they will be available online, but Russell Stover / Whitman's is bringing back the Air Bons this summer around mid June. If they aren't available online, they should be available at all Russell Stover retail stores. Not sure where you live, but if you can't find them at a store in your area please let me know and I'll send you a bag. I'd love to confirm what we sell is what you're looking for. **Full disclosure warning** I work for Russell Stover Candies, although not in sales...just proud of our brand. I hope we have what you're looking for! :)

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                                                      1. re: unlgrad2002

                                                        Yay! I think this is the candy that I've been looking for!

                                                        1. re: unlgrad2002

                                                          When I read your reply saying AirBons would be available this summer I nearly jumped up and down. I was so excited that I emailed RS/Whitman's asking if it's was true and they responded that it was not. : ( They said they currently have no plans to bring back the candy. : (

                                                          1. re: amarks007

                                                            I don't want to go broke convincing people I'm telling the truth, but Phil, greeneyedgirly, and amarks007, if there's a way to private message (sorry, I'm not great at this technology thing) shoot me your address and I promise I will send you a bag of RS / Whitman's Airbons. Trust me, they're coming soon!

                                                            amarks007, sometimes (ironically) customer service is not up to speed on plans for less than mainstream products. It would not surprise me if they weren't aware this product was coming back since it's most likely going to only be in our retail stores to start. Long term, you never know where you might see it, but believe me, we've got them. Here's a snippet of the bag...

                                                            1. re: unlgrad2002

                                                              Listen, don't jeopardize your position to prove a point. Your information will be proven correct in a few months.

                                                              1. re: yayadave

                                                                No jeopardization. Check out a store in your area if you have one (I saw them in a KC area store). Otherwise, I will give extremely strong feedback that this product needs to be in major distribution channels. Hope everyone that has been looking for this can grab a bag soon.

                                                                1. re: unlgrad2002

                                                                  Thanks unlgrad2002! I'm hopeful and will be on the lookout.

                                                                  1. re: amarks007

                                                                    A gentleman who says he works for Russell Stover/Whitman's, posted that Air Bons were going to return to the market at Russell Stover last week. I live just a few miles from a Russell Stover so I went there as soon as the shipment came in. They are indeed called "Air Bons" but they are the same thing as Bob's Sweet Stripes and the many other similar mints out there, unfortunately. They are NOT the super light, airy, literally melt-in-your-mouth mints that I also recall from the 70s that came in peppermint and spearmint and we, as someone else said, like crispy balls of cotton candy. I am so sorry to tell you guys this! But please keep me posted if you do hear about the real thing coming back on the market. Sooooooo good...

                                                                    1. re: yveyve

                                                                      Oh how disappointing. : ( I was so hoping to have those wonderful candies back. Why would they do that? Why would they call them AirBons when they're not the original AirBons? BOO RS/Whitman's!!!

                                                                      1. re: yveyve

                                                                        Thanks for the info, yveyve.

                                                                        Wow, I was really looking forward to getting some. Sad face.
                                                                        Boooooo! Hissssssss! to Russell Stover/Whitman!

                                                              2. re: amarks007

                                                                I just ordered the Whitman's Air-Bon Mints from Russell Stover online at: www.russellstover.com. They are $4.99 per bag and shipped out right away! Give it a shot!

                                                              3. re: unlgrad2002

                                                                No they are not. I just ordered them and got them today. They are NOT AirBons and I just sent Russell Stover an irate email.

                                                              4. In Canada you can find Zero bar at convenience stores and Dollarmama for .65 cents ea.
                                                                Also for many European candy chocodirect.com has a lot of them and the large bags of Haribo (overpriced though) and those "jordan almonds".
                                                                Chocodirect.com only ships in Canada though-but shipping is $5 for any order.
                                                                -their website is annoying to use and it is easy to spend too much as all the candy is so good!

                                                                Nuts Online- they sell tons of the old fashion candy and ship to Canada too.

                                                                The candy I can not find in Canada anymore is Special Crisp- now called watchamacalliitsomethingor other bar......

                                                                Now there is just the version in the US with Caramel and that ruined it.
                                                                Growing up I used to visit the hershey factory in Smith Falls and buy the "damaged" bars very cheap. Also Cherry Blossom candy- you can still get those though.

                                                                licorice pipes- Bulk Barn canada sells them and so do many "health food stores",

                                                                1. I ordered the new Russell Stover Air Bons also and they are NOT the Air bons we remember from way back. They are like Bob's Sweet Stripes. They are not round and they do not instantly melt in your mouth. Silly me ordered 3 bags I was so excited and now I am dissapointed and emailed Russell Stover saying they should not have named them Air Bons...they are not Air Bons! They are still good but not the fluffy delight I had as a child. PLEASE Russell Stover, make the real thing!

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                                                                  1. re: Mousefx

                                                                    I ordered two bags of Air Bons from Russell Stover. I was so disappointed. They are absolutely not the ones I was looking for! Why they named these the same as the old ones is beyond me! No comparison!

                                                                  2. http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B005...

                                                                    They're called mint puffs. Try the link above. I think this is what you're looking for. They also come in assorted fruit flavor. Simply delicious. Just melts in your mouth. Try the red bird brand one not "Bobs"

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                                                                    1. re: delstar

                                                                      Sorry so late to reply but no...I have tried Bob's and Red Bird and they are good but not like the old time air bons. They were almost like a hardened meringue and would melt in your mouth instantly and form a little chewy ball. Thank you though!

                                                                      1. re: Mousefx

                                                                        Yes! exactly! that's the perfect description....a hardened meringue

                                                                      2. re: delstar

                                                                        Sorry delstar these are NOT Whitman's AirBons. I just ordered a bag and they are just like the mint puffs you buy at the drug store. RS just bought the name and destroyed the old formula or something.

                                                                      3. OMG..I LOVED those!!!!! My mom bought those all the time from Walgreens. She would buy the butterscotch kind for herself. She would buy us kids the fruit flavor Air Bons which were Cherry, Lime, and Lemon. It was such a unique texture unlike any other candy I've tasted. When you would bite into it ...there was a crunch but as soon as it hit your tongue it melted ....sorta like cotton candy.

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                                                                        1. re: Caralynnross

                                                                          My sister and I were thinking maybe we could make them out of cotton candy. Roll small pieces into balls and let it harden. It may work!

                                                                          1. re: Mousefx

                                                                            that just might work! Try it and come back and let us know. lol If so many people have so many fond memories associated with that candy, they should bring it back!

                                                                        2. Sorry to jump in late, but are these anything like "seafoam" or honeycomb toffee candies?


                                                                          I've never seen mint versions, but the consistency sounds right to me.

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                                                                          1. re: Big Bad Voodoo Lou

                                                                            I've never tried honeycomb candy so I'm not sure of the consistency. The old time Air Bons were almost like a hardened meringue and would melt in your mouth instantly and form a little chewy ball.

                                                                          2. Has been interesting reading all the post on this from the last several years. I too have been searching for this candy. I now know that the Whitman Air Bon was the original and that the new Russel Stover Air Bon's are not correct and are not what everyone wants. Along with Whitman I am sure there must have been smaller less known companies that made these since the ones we use to get at the drug store came in clear celophane packages with a paper strip across that sealed the bag and they were normally priced 2 bags for $1.00 for a pretty good size bag of them (maybe 20 to 25 in the bag). I do not think a Whitman product would have been that inexpensive, but I am not sure of that. Here in Kentucky we had pepermint, spearmint, and butterscotch that I remember. Kind of like the way I like Peeps, I liked the Air Bons when they wold get a little age on them and the humidity would get to them and they would start to shrink and melt on their own and kind of turned taffy like. they would normally do this when they would sit in a candy dish for awhile or in an opened bag over time. Fresh ones were OK, but I liked mine aged just a bit like fine wine! I still miss them and would love for some candy manufacturer to start making the real thing again.

                                                                            1. Cracker Barrel restaurants sell them, plus a whole bunch of other "vintage" candy in the shops attached to their restaurants. They sell "rock" candy on the string or stick there too. That stuff was old-fashioned when i was a kid, but we still loved it!

                                                                              1. I found the Whitman Air-Bon Mints on the Russell Stover web site: www.russellstover.com . They make Russell Stover, Whitman, and Pangburn candies. You can buy a cellophane bag of Air-Bon mints for $4.99 and it is shiipped out quickly.

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                                                                                1. re: Pat73521

                                                                                  No these are not the same. If you've ever had them before don't order them. You will be wasting your money and be very disappointed.

                                                                                2. The Russell Stover "AirBons" are a total lie! They are just like the ordinary soft mints you can buy at the drug store. AirBons from the old Whitman's were unique and one of a kind. Looks like Russell Stover bought Whitmans and kept the name but destroyed the old formula. Probably "not cost-effective" to make or they caused somebody injury or something. I ordered 1 bag to be safe and I'm glad that's all I ordered.
                                                                                  What makes me mad is they advertised it as:
                                                                                  Old-fashioned puffed peppermints are just like the ones you use (sic) to buy at your local drugstore. These Air-Bons are light, airy and will literally melt-in-your-mouth.
                                                                                  Don't buy them, you will be so disappointed!

                                                                                  1. So the search goes on for the REAL thing! Somewhere I read that the machines that made these were quite expensive to maintain and finally the cost to maintain the machines was greater than the profit from the candy so production ceased. What I read said that somehow the machine took a very small pellet of candy and infused it with masive amounts of air expanding it from a small pellet to the round puff balls we are remembering. Not sure if it would be cost effective for anyone to invest in a new machine to do this, but I think it just might based on how many folks remember these and would like to see them again. Maybe if enough folks keep after Russel Stover they will listen and stop trtying to pull the wool over everyones eyes trying to pass off this new candy of theirs as the air bons everyone remembers. Obviously they are not the same thing.

                                                                                    1. Hi Phil. I am wondering if your wife is referring to a candy called Seafoam? I use to get it at as a treat once in a while as a child and it is as you said she described. What I use to eat did not have nuts or chocolate but apparently you can make it that way. See if the name sounds right to her. If so, I am going to try a few different recipes myself for it and when I find the right one, I will let you know. :)

                                                                                      1. http://www.economycandy.com/ They've got a brick-and-mortar in Manhattan, but you might be able to order online. Not sure if they have specifically what you want.


                                                                                        1. It is called Whitman's Air Bons Candy, came in can or bag.
                                                                                          Flavors Mixed Fruit (Cherry, Lemon & one other), Peppermint, Spearmint & Butterscotch. Am going to see if the pics I found will paste on here, if not ebay has a pics of the can, it is for sale for $29.99.
                                                                                          Ebay link- http://www.ebay.com/itm/Vintage-old-M...

                                                                                          It won't let me add pics, so go to the Ebay link FAST to see the pics for yourself!

                                                                                          1 Reply
                                                                                          1. re: cngardiner

                                                                                            Here are some pics a can of peppermint ones!
                                                                                            Notice none of the candy mentioned is it.
                                                                                            But at last you can see for yourself and not keep thinking
                                                                                            we are CRAZY and don't know what we are talking about.
                                                                                            Where as COKE is the REAL THING, these also are THE REAL THING!

                                                                                          2. The ones im looking for are all green (no stripes. My dad used to get them every week from path mart, walgreens, k-mart, hills, etc... Befor you put them in your mouth, if you were to break one in half, it would almost have a flake/layered appearence to them. However they were solid, very light and airy. Soon as you got them wet they would start to dissolve/shrink/melt instantly. I have been looking all over the internet and haved looked up everything that everyone has mentioned and I still have not been able to find them. These have no stripes, and I only remember the green ones. I have no idea if they came in peppermint or anything else. I miss them so very much and have been craving them since the 80's! I tried searching for every key word and phrase I could come up wit...and yet...nothing. Not even any pictures.

                                                                                            Also the ones that i am talking about were spherical...A ball shape. Its seems to me that the ones everyone else is talking about are flat on the top and bottom. if anyone has any leads what-so-ever...please e-mail me at LunarDuplicities@gmail.com Please do not hesitate... Thank you to everyone who has shown interest in finding these awesome disappearing mints. Good luck everyone and happy hunting.

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                                                                                            1. re: roninwop

                                                                                              Whitman's doesn't make them anymore. Russel Stover.Whitman's is selling a candy callled Air Bons which was the original name but they are not the air bons we were looking for.( I ordered some to try). My Sister and I have discussed trying to make them ourselves. All the mints out there are a hard candy or chaulky candy. They do not immediately melt in your mouth like the ones of years ago. They came in flavors but mint was always my favorite. I wonder if Whitman's still has the recipe?

                                                                                              1. re: Mousefx

                                                                                                Im gonna contact them and find out any information that I can come up with. Perhaps they still have the original recipe and I am hoping that they do. It might be a good idea to get a petition going and collect as many signatures as we can. Maybe they will give a second thought to reopening that line. If there is anything I can do I am willing to take action. Seems that you might have their information already. If so could you send it to me> if you don't its no big deal. First thing I will do is contact them am drill them about anything they are willing to tell me about that discontinued item..lol

                                                                                                1. re: roninwop

                                                                                                  Here is a link to the contact page, that's all I have. Good Luck!


                                                                                            2. I have hunted for these for year .i can't believe some one once remembers them so fondly . I search all the time. I know your wife's desire for these . by the way they are round like a golf ball no flat top totally round melt in you mouth almost as quick as cotton candy . Shell

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                                                                                              1. re: Kopsa

                                                                                                my thoughts exactly, melts like cotton candy-you put it in your mouth and then wonder where it went (but you really do remember putting it in your mouth :)

                                                                                              2. My mom would buy these peppermint balls for me from a store called Stein Mart in Jacksonville, Fla. I have been looking for them for YEARS. Every time I eat cotton candy and smush it into a little ball just to remind me of the candy. They were like golf balls and crunched when you bit into them. They almost immediately melted in your mouth. I only remember one flavor, but I'm not sure my mom would buy them for me. They came in a big tub; they weren't indivually wrapped -just a tub full of peppermint striped gold balls. I'm guessing you haven't found them yet? I am going to do some major research on this, and if I can find information on the machine that used to make these I will definitely be looking into investing in one. These mints were the BEST!!!

                                                                                                1. Just saw this. I've seen those mints at Rite Aid. Lion brand, maybe? Also saw them in store packaging.

                                                                                                  The ones I get are not that big, though they are softer than starlight mints. I'm pretty sure I know exactly which ones your wife is talking about, and w/o reading the whole thread to see if it was mentioned, try Economy Candy on the lower east side of Manhattan.

                                                                                                  1. World Market
                                                                                                    Vermont Country Store
                                                                                                    Amazon Dry Goods( not to be confused with "the" Amazon)
                                                                                                    Cracker Barrel ( yes that restraunt)

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                                                                                                    1. re: girloftheworld

                                                                                                      None of these places have what we're looking for but thanks anyway.

                                                                                                      1. re: amarks007

                                                                                                        I think some people never had what we all are looking for. I tried to describe them to a friend and she kept thinking I was talking about other candy. She couldn't get the concept because I think she never had these candies before... They were HARD or I guess crunchy on the outside but began to melt like cotton candy melts once they are wet..

                                                                                                    2. Might they be Red Bird Peppermint Puffs?


                                                                                                      "Individually wrapped peppermint flavor semi-hard pillow candy. Â Each piece is about 1 inch in length."

                                                                                                      Or Bob's Sweet Stripe Soft Peppermints?


                                                                                                      3 Replies
                                                                                                      1. re: gourmanda

                                                                                                        The original post here is very old. We have determined that what we are looking for is no longer made. They were called Air Bons and they no longer make them. Not Bob's Sweet Stripes, Not Red Bird. not peppermint balls and not the new mint candies by Russell Stover. These were how I describe as a hard meringue type candy that instantly melted in your mouth. Within seconds...it wasn't a candy you could suck on, it dissolved and turned into a chewy little ball. But thank you!

                                                                                                        1. re: Mousefx

                                                                                                          Sorry they aren't what you are looking for but they are as you describe...melt in your mouth, not a hard candy.

                                                                                                          1. re: gourmanda

                                                                                                            I do like and have tried Red Bird and Bob's. I have a large jar of Bob's in my house now. They are indeed a softer peppermint but what we were looking for from years ago was a puffball that was like air and thin. They instantaneously melted in your mouth. Like cotton candy does so they were kind of like a hardened ball of cotton candy. One of these days I am going to try and make them myself. Maybe I could just roll some cotton candy in balls and let them air dry. (They will be coming to take me away with a straight jacket LOL!) Russell Stover has made a new mint candy called Air Bons and they are not it either. I was hoping they were but they are about the same as Bob's or Red Bird. Maybe they lost that original recipe. Thanks again for your help on this.

                                                                                                      2. It amazes me that so many folks do not really understand what this candy is and keep suggesting that we are looking for the currently available versions of soft, melt in your mouth pepermints that are currently out there in the market which we are NOT. there are lots of good soft mints out there, but NOTHING like the original Air Bons from the past. Too bad these folks don't know the enjoyment of the candy we are seeking to see return to the market. If anyone has actually had these in the past you know what they are and know that nothing in the current market is the same at all. Someone with with the means needs to buy the rights to the ORIGINAL Air Bon formula and reproduce a machine to make them and return them to the market, I really think it could be a good investment for someone in that business. Not really sure why Russel Stover choses to ignore the demand for the original version of this wonderful candy in all the great old flavors....pepermint, spearmint, butterscotch, and others that have been mentioned. This ais a one of a kind candy that many of us grew up enjoying and now would love to see return for the current and future generations to enjoy like we did....pop one in your mouth and let it melt away to nothing or chomp right down on it!

                                                                                                        1 Reply
                                                                                                        1. re: indyzdanny

                                                                                                          I was thinking how they were similar to cotton candy in the way that they dissolved in your mouth so quickly. Maybe there were just cotton candy in a ball shape and hardened! Russell Stover's new "Air Bons" are not like the old time air bons. They are about the same as bobs and red bird peppermints. Maybe they lost the original recipe! I know I miss them! I liked the peppermint ones the best.

                                                                                                        2. Finally someone that understand what I'm also looking for! I know what is that your wife is talking about. I used to enjoy them growing up and have been looking for years without success. What I remember is that those used to come in a cylinder tin-can with a plastic lid. If you find them, please let me know. Thanks.

                                                                                                          1 Reply
                                                                                                          1. Your wife has it right!! My grandfather would always have these candies for me. They were made by Russel Stover and there is nothing on the market like it. They came in what looked like a green, cardboard coffee can, but it was a little bit skinnier. The bottom was metal and the top was white plastic. I've written to the company requesting that they make these again but was told that it was too expensive.

                                                                                                            1. Ahhhhh~ I am in NE Pennsylvania. I know EXACTLY what she's looking for! I don't think they're made any more and have been looking for them myself for a very long time. They were sort of like meringue in texture. Looked a little like a beach ball shape. lt green balls w/ a darker thin, green stripe. The pink balls had thin, red stripes. They were round. Yes, smaller than a golf ball. As soon as they were hit the tongue they began to dissolve. Light as air and not overpowering mint. The smooth outside was not coated or hard--Just like the inside, but smooth. The inside was much like meringue in that it seemed air puffed. My grandmother used to buy them for me all the time. Sigh~

                                                                                                              6 Replies
                                                                                                              1. re: Missyjane

                                                                                                                I just spent the better part of my evening reading these posts! LOL! I have been looking for these candies for years...and I am perplexed by the people who think we're dumb enough to overlook the widespread Bob's and Red Birds "after dinner mint" type mints. Those are absolutely not what we're talking about! The ones I loved were peppermint, a bit shiny, and ball shaped!! They had a crisp bite and then melted away...depending on how you chose to eat them! Love them so much, I hope someone comes out with them again!

                                                                                                                1. re: Vianney

                                                                                                                  SOrry if you think people trying to help are "dumb"....

                                                                                                                  russllestover.com does indeed hve the candy. they have began to reproduce the "melt in your mouthmint" I am sorry if I am dumb for taking the orginal producers discription of the candy as "THE ONE"

                                                                                                                  1. re: girloftheworld

                                                                                                                    Sorry, girloftheworld, but the RS candy IS NOT the Air Bons that those of us who "know" remember. Just because it uses the same name....

                                                                                                                    Many times in this thread (can you believe it's been going on for almost 7 years?!?) people have brought up candy that it *isn't*, apparently without really listening to what we are saying it *is/was*. And the most noticeable thing it was, was spherical, like a ball, not just circular, like a tire.
                                                                                                                    Therefore, I do understand what Vianney is saying .That said, I do enjoy reading all the responses to this thread, and thank everyone who contributes!

                                                                                                                    1. re: PalmerMoose

                                                                                                                      the ones I posted are a ball.. they are puffy and light and kind of stick to the touch. they almost have a mariange quality.... I bought them for my granpa..

                                                                                                                      1. re: acirerenrut

                                                                                                                        No! No! No! :-)
                                                                                                                        See on the ends how there is a white area, and the strips don't meet? That is a small flat surface. The OTHER Air Bons where spherical...they could roll, not sit flat.
                                                                                                                        But thanks for trying!

                                                                                                                2. For pure nostalgia, is this the TIN?
                                                                                                                  (I have read every post, but not had the candy).

                                                                                                                  1 Reply
                                                                                                                  1. re: Kris in Beijing

                                                                                                                    I never had them out of the can. We always got them in bags, from those hanging strips with clips that hang in the grocery aisles. They were a real inexpensive treat; I really don't think they were Whitman's or Russell Stover.

                                                                                                                  2. Pennsylvania Dutch candies peppermint puffs is the closest I have found to the original

                                                                                                                    1. I know this thread is quite old, but for those of you still looking for vintage candy - I wanted to point out that the new Giant Eagle grocery stores have a candy shop in them now that carries retro candy. Some of the Giant Eagle stores are remodeling into a newer larger format store called "Market District" (or something like that). Right now I think they are mainly in PA and a couple in Ohio.

                                                                                                                        1. re: wjadsley

                                                                                                                          give it up--- I suggested this too and got sniped at... even though my grandfather was quite impressed and pleased..

                                                                                                                          1. re: girloftheworld

                                                                                                                            OK, this news may make alot of you happy. Big news: I am told Wal-Mart has a large candy supplier that has obtained the rights from Russel Stover/Whitman's to reproduce the original machinery that produced the round puffball candy we remember so well and that they have indeed reproduced that machinery and plan to be in mass production at their northern facility soon and have the candy in Walmart stores exclusively by Christmas 2014. They will be sold in the clear celophane bags as we have seen them in the past with the paper hanging strips on the top. Cost will be be about $2.00 per bag. They will come in peppermint, spearmint, and butterscotch flavors. Keep an eye out for them to show up in your Walmarts....I am told they will be being deliverd by the manufacturer in sleighs pulled by flying reindeer! I knew this would get you all going! It was a nice thought though.

                                                                                                                        2. OMG!!!! I thought I was the only one who had these. So yummy. Crunchy, disappears in your mouth, came in a tin. cngardiner posted the correct picture of it. THANK YOU!!!!! Whitman's Mint Air-Bons. So sad it is no longer available.......