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Nov 30, 2007 09:57 PM

Vegetarian-friendly Chinese places in Flushing?

Was thinking about going to Flushing today with my vegetarian GF.

What are some good Chinese places with extensive vegetarian options? We just did Spicy and Tasty, so I'd like to try someplace new. And she wasn't thrilled with the menu at Little Pepper.


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  1. if you're willing to go all-out veggie, i highly recommend buddha bodai, on main street a little off the beaten path at cherry street (by the botanical garden). delicious veg stuff and the fake meats are better than most.

    1. Happy Garden, I believe on 37th St, is another option. I liked it better than Buddha Bodhai where the owner is somewhat pushy.

      1. I believe budcar is referring to Happy Buddha ( at 135-37 37th Ave in Flushing. As a local and a vegetarian, I highly recommend it!