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Nov 30, 2007 09:28 PM

[SEA] Lasagna for party - try 2

Don't know what i did wrong last time but try again...

I need to buy two sheets of lasagna for a party. Usually I'd make it but i'm swamped right now. Any ideas on good restaurants or other places that make fabulous lasagna to take and bake?


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  1. Pasta & Company sells sheet pans of lasagna. I have not had it, but everything I have had there I have enjoyed. Maybe one of the chowhound personal chefs can whip some up for you!

    1. How about Cafe Lago? I was there the other evening and they had a little sign up about ordering lasagna for your holiday events...

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        I second Cafe Lago's lasagne. It's fantastic.

      2. You might try Sorrentino at 2128 Queen Anne Ave N. Tel 206-694-0055. They do the lasagna for both Via Tribunali stores and lasagna-to-go for the general public on 24 hours notice.