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Nov 30, 2007 07:22 PM

K-Town restaurant to take the folks?

my husband and i will be taking both sets of parents out to dinner tomorrow night. we're looking for a nice, but not too fancy korean restaurant with excellent food AND service with good parking. no hole-in-the-wall places...korean BBQ would be nice, but not a must. What would you recommend?

i've read a lot about Park's BBQ, but i have no idea what the ambiance is like. can someone enlighten me? would that be a good place for the folks? TIA!

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  1. If they don't mind noisy, I'd say try Sa Rit Gol. They have a great selection of items other than BBQ, but there's also BBQ if you decide you want it. The black cod dish on the back page of the menu is always a winner, as are most of their cooked seafood items. I would call the ambiance boisterous and homey, a lot of families and large groups eat there. Emphasis is on heavily sauced foods and/or seafood.

    Odaesan is a lot bigger, and more of a clean brightly lit space that's casual but on the nice side. Also strong in cooked seafood, with sashimi as well if you want. No BBQ here.

    If you haven't tried al-bap, the fish roe over rice dish, I like A-Won's best. The restaurant is small and reminds me of trendy casual spots in Asia. There's something about their lighting, furnishing, and decor that looks like any number of spots found in Asian department stores. I like it, and their Al-Bap is a rainbow of different colors of fish roe, seaweed, Japanese egg cake, uni, sesame seeds, all over rice. There's also hwe du bap, a mix of sashimi, masago, and salad greens in a light dressing.

    All the places I've mentioned are Korean seafood alternatives to BBQ, and in the medium price range. Don't hold me to this, but $30-40 per person seems about right if memory serves.

    1. Chosun Galbi on Olympic is a good place to take the parents for Korean BBQ. It's not somewhere I go on my own, but I've taken older family members who aren't very familiar with Korean food there, and they loved it. I believe that they have valet, and it's a beautiful, glossy, semi-casual restaurant.

      Chosun Galbi Restaurants
      3330 W Olympic Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90019

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        That's my rec. It's definitely high on production value, which is key if you've got folks who might not want a hole-in-the-wall experience.

      2. Chosun Galbi is good rec. Or Yong SuSan for traditional Korean set dinner.

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          thanks! we ended up going to Ma Dang Sae tonight.
          i'll have to agree, i think Chosun Galbi would've been the better choice.