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Mrs. Whyte's pickles?

I love these pickles at a restaurant I frequent, and I asked them what brand they were in the hopes I would be able to source them around Toronto. They showed me a big blue restaurant-sized pail with "Mrs. Whyte's" written on the side.

A Google search pulls up this: http://www.whytes.ca/mrsWhytes/pickle...

Has anyone seen this brand for sale in any shops around the city? I'm going to send them an email, but I thought this might be quicker.


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  1. I know I've seen them... maybe at Bruno's.

    1. I'm pretty sure Mrs. Whytes is available in Loblaws next to the Strubs.

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        Yes they are generally available at Loblaw's....I prefer them to Strubs but we are a 'house divided'.....my husband only likes full sour old Strubs!

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          I am a Strubs girl myself, but I wouldn't shove a Mrs. Whyte's off my plate. I've never met a pickle I didn't like, lol

      2. Mrs. Whytes are fabulous and hard to find! I've looked in the major grocery stores (ie. Loblaws) with no luck. You can find them at a couple of places though: Fresh & Wild @ King & Spadina has had them in the past. And just last weekend, the BF and I bought some at the antipasti place (the name escapes me) in St. Lawrence Mkt. The ones in the market are sold in tubs on the floor beside the olives - these are much bigger than the ones in the jar and based on your post, might be just what you're looking for! There's also a place out in Etobicoke on Dundas, the north side, west of the 427 called the Montreal Deli & Greek Grill (URL with directions below). Not a store per se, but ask the counter staff, and they'll set you up.


        1. Mrs. Whytes are widely available at places that cater to the Jewish community - up in Thornhill you can find them at No Frills on Centre St.in the refrigerated kosher section. I've also bought them at Wilson/Bathurst No Frills and at Highland Farms on Dufferin north of Finch.

          1. I'm pretty sure, but not positive, that the Costco at Dufferin and Wilson carries Mrs. Whyte's products. I like them, but usually prefer Strubbs.

            1. They are VERY widely available, though you may need to look in areas with a reasonably large Jewish population. They are in the fridge - not on the shelf. The "real" ones are brined and don't contain vinegar, so read the label. Strub's are similar in general style, but they are mushy while Mrs Whyte's are usually somewhat crisper.

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                What do you think of "Moishe's"?
                They would be my second choice after Mrs. Whyte's and then Strub's as a third choice.

              2. I agree that Mrs. Whytes are widely available - I have no problem finding them and I think I bought the jar currently in my fridge at either the lakeshore loblaws or Royal Beef on the Danforth. My partner and I have a hard time agreeing on Kosher dills. I go for taste, and he is very much for crunch. I love Moishe's and Mrs. Whytes, and Strubs. He likes a commercial crunchy half sour (apparently I refuse to store the brand name in my memory as I cannot recall the name but know they are everywhere). We can agree on Bubbie's - a brand I have seen only at Royal Beef on the Danforth. Anyone else tried them?

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                  Some of you are much luckier in finding Mrs. Whytes! Of the 5 grocery stores, relatively close to my Downtown East condo (including a couple of Loblaws, Sobeys and Dominion), I've always been able to find either Strubbs or Bubbies, but never Mrs. Whytes. Obviously a neighbourhood thing. Having tried all three brands currently discussed in this thread, my absolute fave is Mrs. Whytes. I've developed a very strong preference for Mrs Whytes and don't like the taste of either Strubbs or Bubbies - something to do with the crispness of the pickles, vinegar and spices.

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                    For me, a real pickle is a brine-cured one (I hope my cardiologist isn't reading this), and Strub's is the best I have eaten anywhere (and, yes, that includes Noo Yawk Siddy). Mrs. Whyte's regular pickles always seemed a bit underpickled to me, but then, I have never seen their brine pickles, which their website says they make.

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                      They have a similar flavour profile. The biggest difference is in the texture. To my palate, Mrs Whyte's do have a lower flavour intensity, but are relatively crisp. Strub's have a very deep flavour, but are among the mushiest pickles around. Both also come in half sour from time-to-time

                      To many fans, this is a "what I grew up with tastes best" thing from when they were local brands: Mrs Whyte's (Montreal) vs Strub's (Toronto - or more precisely, Hamilton).

                      I also like Bubbie's, which are less available, though not really rare. The only Moishe's pickles I've tasted were vinegar pickles.