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Nov 30, 2007 06:20 PM

Mrs. Whyte's pickles?

I love these pickles at a restaurant I frequent, and I asked them what brand they were in the hopes I would be able to source them around Toronto. They showed me a big blue restaurant-sized pail with "Mrs. Whyte's" written on the side.

A Google search pulls up this:

Has anyone seen this brand for sale in any shops around the city? I'm going to send them an email, but I thought this might be quicker.


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  1. I know I've seen them... maybe at Bruno's.

    1. I'm pretty sure Mrs. Whytes is available in Loblaws next to the Strubs.

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      1. re: pescatarian

        Yes they are generally available at Loblaw's....I prefer them to Strubs but we are a 'house divided' husband only likes full sour old Strubs!

        1. re: pearlD

          I am a Strubs girl myself, but I wouldn't shove a Mrs. Whyte's off my plate. I've never met a pickle I didn't like, lol

      2. Mrs. Whytes are fabulous and hard to find! I've looked in the major grocery stores (ie. Loblaws) with no luck. You can find them at a couple of places though: Fresh & Wild @ King & Spadina has had them in the past. And just last weekend, the BF and I bought some at the antipasti place (the name escapes me) in St. Lawrence Mkt. The ones in the market are sold in tubs on the floor beside the olives - these are much bigger than the ones in the jar and based on your post, might be just what you're looking for! There's also a place out in Etobicoke on Dundas, the north side, west of the 427 called the Montreal Deli & Greek Grill (URL with directions below). Not a store per se, but ask the counter staff, and they'll set you up.

        1. Mrs. Whytes are widely available at places that cater to the Jewish community - up in Thornhill you can find them at No Frills on Centre the refrigerated kosher section. I've also bought them at Wilson/Bathurst No Frills and at Highland Farms on Dufferin north of Finch.

          1. I'm pretty sure, but not positive, that the Costco at Dufferin and Wilson carries Mrs. Whyte's products. I like them, but usually prefer Strubbs.