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Nov 30, 2007 06:00 PM


Who makes the absolute best, most divinely-rich, deliciously creamy eggnog in the area?

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  1. Whole foods in the glass bottles. There is a two inch thick topping that rises to the top of the bottle.

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      Yum, big ditto! That stuff ought to be licensed. It's delicious.

      1. re: hoplover

        Is it the Whole Foods brand (365) or something else?

        1. re: hoplover

          I'll be up in Boston next week, and am thinking of bringing the Whole Foods eggnog to a holiday party. I assume it is nonalcoholic, and I'd like to bring a gallon of an alcoholic (Maker's Mark or Appleton Special) eggnog to the party.

          What ratio of eggnog to bourbon/rum do you use? I'd like the eggnog to be on the strong side, but not too boozy.

          Will mixing it up a couple of hours (or days) beforehand help to round out the flavors? If not, then I suppose that I could just put out the eggnog carton and bourbon/rum bottle separately and let everyone mix it to taste.

          Also, should I plan on brining nutmeg and a grater, or is the store brand already strongly spiced?

          1. re: ceb

            Try 5:1, and if that's not strong enough for you, up it to 4:1. A good rich eggnog like the Whole Foods' can stand up to it. I like to taste the liquor, myself. I tend to alternate between bourbon and a gold rum; brandy works very nicely, too (an inexpensive California brandy works fine -- don't use a fancy Cognac or Armagnac).

            1. re: MC Slim JB

              Thanks Slim! I do like to taste my liquor, so I'll try 4:1.

              Can you get the bourbon to really blend with the eggnog? In the past, I haven't been able to get liquor to blend with commercially prepared eggnog, to the point that I need to keep stirring it even in the glass before each sip.

              1. re: ceb

                I sometimes get that little quasi-curdling effect, too, but nothing that stirring hasn't cured. If you want it really blended (and foamy, too), you should use a cocktail shaker. Incidentally, I drink my boozy eggnog drinks over ice in a double rocks glass. As heWho mentioned, fresh-grated nutmeg is indeed a nice touch.

            2. re: ceb

              There's nothing better than a little fresh nutmeg on top of eggnog. I'd bring a greater!

          2. My favorite by far is made by Richardson's Dairy in Dracut, a really superior product, bottled in glass.

            I'm considering making some homemade aged eggnog this year, based on the recipe I saw here:

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              1. Crescent Hill Farms is selling one that's pretty dang tasty.

                1. I just tried another one: Hatchland Farm (way up in North Haverhill, NH), found at South End Formaggio. Very good, thick, and rich, with real egg flavor, a big step up from supermarket cartons, and free of bovine growth hormones. But it's no real challenger to Richardson's, especially at $5.50 a pint.