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Nov 30, 2007 05:56 PM

La Voile Tonight

The place was hopping! the vibe was good: friendly and upbeat and the owners/managers made sure to greet everyone even with a constant flow of customers. service held up ok, with some minor tensions in response to the crowd. food was surprisingly variable: fish soup was good but Rialto outdoes them on this because their rouille is thrillingly more flavorful. Sweetbreads in a morel and cream sauce was outstanding: the essence of good french brasserie/bistro food. Moules were ok but not great, ESK has better bone marrow, and the filet mignon with marrow was good but somewhat bland though the potatos with it were great. winelist was good if pricey but the euro is going to take its toll on wine prices eventually. Had an excellent Bandol rose with the fish soup which i thought overpriced at 57.00 a bottle. the expresso was exceptionally good, which i appreciated. price tag reasonable, all and all, except for the quibble on the wine prices. but the food, while never less than good, was not uniformly "wow." we'll go back and try again.

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  1. Thanks for the update - heading there tomorrow for the first time, with some CH friends. I'm really looking forward to the sweetbreads (amongst other dishes).

    Any reasonable wines you would recommend? I think we have similar tastes.

    Also, do they have a bar to meet friends at and have a drink before dinner.. And is it a restaurant you would feel comfortable dressing up at ( E likes to wear a suit jacket), or is it more like a comfortable bistro? Thanks!

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      I was just there last night, and had a great experience as well! From what I saw on a weekday night, it certainly seems like a place where it would be appropriate to get a little bit dressed up. The meal was really enjoyable, and I was impressed both by the quality of the food and in the way it was presented. The prices were more than reasonable, particularly for the Back Bay, and I'm already looking forward to my next trip there! I held back on ordering the sweetbreads because that's what I tend to order at Petit Robert, but now I'm regretting my decision...

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        The veal blanquette is so damn good.

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          Yes, they have a small attractive looking bar with no TV!

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            yes on the bar, no valet parking yet, dress was mixed from jeans and sweaters to suits and it all worked fine. we had the bandol rose with the fish soup and i would recommend it and a Hermitage with various mains that included the lamb, the filet mignon and the sweetbreads. all worked well. i didn't read the whole winelist but it looked pretty comprehensive if a bit pricey.