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A Sad Day for Potato Chips....

For the last several weeks I haven’t been able to find Archer Farms Thick Cut Sea Salt and Olive Oil Potato Chips anywhere in town here (MSP). When I’ve asked at the store I just get shrugs. I finally e-mailed Archer Farms and heard back from them today.....

They’ve discontinued them. The idiots. Here’s what they wrote...

“The Archer Farms Thick Cut Sea Salt and Olive Oil Potato Chips you're looking for are no longer available at any of our stores. They have been discontinued. I'm sorry for any disappointment.

Week to week, month to month, you'll find our selection is always changing. As the seasons pass and new models, styles and fashions become available, we'll discontinue some older merchandise. That's how we keep our shelves stocked with the unique, up-to-date merchandise you've come to expect from Target.”

Gee... I really can’t wait to try some “unique, up-to-date” potato chips. Silly me, there I was perfectly happy eating what I thought were the best potato chips in the world.

I’m really going to miss those chips. I know I’ll never love this way again....

Uncle Ira

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  1. Noooooo!

    I loved them too, and they always seemed to sell well at my local Target.

    1. It seems as though too many producers are looking for the next best thing when they've already got it.

      1. Your experience echoes my regret that Lay's only sold their Rosemary and Herb chips for about a month this summer. Then just stopped, with no plans of producing more. They could have had a steady customer.

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        1. re: MsDiPesto

          The last few times in the market I've noticed a rosemary and meyer lemon flavor of the Lay's Kettle Cooked brand. I'm in Utah, not sure if this flavor is everywhere though.

        2. I don't know if this will console you, but the AF vinegar & sea salt ones are tasty.

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          1. re: stellamystar

            I have tried some of the other Archer Farms chips and they’re fine, but it’s the Thick Cut that I miss.... They just had so much potato flavor, and a perfect balance between being crispy and having a little bit of chew.

            What kills me is that they’re saying they got rid of them to make room for “unique” products. These chips WERE unique...... There’s not another chip I’ve found then even comes close. None of the other brands I’ve tried are as thickly cut, or have that same pure flavor.

            Sorry I’m venting like this. I feel like I just got dumped. Breaking up is hard to do...

            sigh ....

            Uncle Ira

            1. re: Uncle Ira

              Some of the Terra chips are pretty thick cut. I don't care much for their more exotic chips, but their red bliss chips (which all have olive oil) and yukon gold chips are great. I bought some ShopRite organic chips with rosemary and thyme the other day that were thick and delicious.

              1. re: Ruth Lafler

                I just tried the Terra Yukon Gold chips this week at your suggestion and do like them. Not as much as the one’s that I’m missing, but they’re the best substitute I’ve tried so far. I’d really like to try the Red Bliss ones, but haven’t seen them in the store. I’ll keep my eyes open though.

                Rosemary and thyme sounds tasty, but I don’t think we have ShopRite in my part of the country....

                Thanks for the ideas

                Uncle Ira

                1. re: Uncle Ira

                  Glad you liked the Yukon golds. Maybe you could email Terra chips and ask who carries the Red Bliss in your area.

              2. re: Uncle Ira

                I also like thick-cut chips, and I've been happy with Solea brand. I get them at several stores in the DC area, including Whole Foods.

                1. re: Uncle Ira

                  Uncle, I shopped at Target today, and based on your post, I looked for your chips. (Los Angeles area). Didn't find the Sea Salt, but did get a bag of Rosemary and Olive Oil Thick Cut russet potato Chips, which I assume are very close to the ones you miss. Enjoyed them immensly with a bowl of my clam-onion dip. I really think these would relieve your jones for your lost chips. Tried them?

                  1. re: Andrew Gore

                    If I were you, I’d head back to that Target and buy all of them you can find. My impression has been that they stopped making them the same time as the other thick-cut chips. They’ve been gone from the shelves here since the sea-salt ones disappeared. I guess they just thought it would be cheaper to have all their chips cut the same way, and then just season them differently.

                    Those rosemary chips were a great alternative when I didn’t want something salty....

                    Uncle Ira

              3. I've never tried them, but based on your description I'm saddened that I never will. I'm a sucker for great potato chips.

                My favorite chips are Poore Brothers, which come in some great flavors. I'm not sure if they're available in MSP, but they're wonderfully flavored and very robust in texture.

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                1. re: rweater

                  I've never tried the archer farms (maybe next time I'm at Target I'll pick some up), but my personal favorite is the Cape Cod Dark Russet. Those have a great potatoe taste, a little sweet, and are nice and dark, crispy, and crunchy (or as Alton Brown likes to say, Golden, Brown, and Delicious)

                2. I have not tried them, but maybe if we all write in about the same product they might rethnk their decision. Sort'a makes me want to try something I can't have.!!!!

                  1. Oh those sound so good! My current favorites are Lays Dill Pickle Potato Chips and I'm afraid they will be discontinued!

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                    1. re: BlueHerons

                      Gosh, really?! I have always wanted to try them but can't bring myself to buy the big bag in case I'm not a fan. Maybe I'll grab a bag this weekend :)

                    2. Not about chips, but a similar story. Years ago, there was a brand of cream cheese called "Fleur de Lait". It was widely sold in supermarkets. Not only was it tasty, it had a great texture and, most important NO ADDITIVES-- just cream, salt and starter (rennet?). Eventually, they added "guar gum" or some other equally horrible substance to make it "creamier".

                      I wrote to the company (yeah, an actual letter on paper), and they said (anal fellow that I am, I still have their reply) that "Many consumers complained that the cream cheese crumbled and did not spread evenly…" so they added "gums".

                      Well, this is a canard, since I now buy locally-produced cream cheese with no additives, and it spreads like butter.

                      They are now out of business. "The idiots" indeed

                      1. Ohhhhhhhh noooooooooooooo.... I noticed that target was no longer carrying these, then to make it worse, whole foods who had a similar chip in (terra red bliss), minus the rosemary :(stopped carrying those around the same time. So I thought I would get online and find out where they are and whats up. This is truely tragic. Think we can all write someone up there and protest?

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                        1. re: ursaminor1000

                          I believe Terra is still making those chips -- ask around and see if your store will re-stock them.

                          1. re: Ruth Lafler

                            i cant believe i'm still so obsessed. I STILL GO TO THE CHIP AISLE AND SEARCH.
                            It's been over a year.
                            Best Chips Ever.
                            Then i fell in love with Fennel & Golden Raisin Bread @ Target. New obsession. That was gone in a flash. I STILL GO TO THE BREAD AISLE. I ask the totally disinterested employees. To no avail.
                            Oh Target . . . Why do you taunt me?
                            I did find a somewhat worthy Rosemary Chip @ World Market (I think Terra). World Market went so far as to go out of business. WTF?

                            1. re: notyourlawyer

                              I remember a great Rosemary and Olive Oil chip. I believe it was Terra but I could be wrong. People were crazy for them. T.J's carried them at one time. Haven't seen them for several years. I feel like I'm crazy 'cause no one remembers them.

                              My new favorite is Terra Arrabiata but they will probably dump those too. Everything I like disappears....

                              1. re: twodales

                                Terra Arrabiata and similar chips have now disappeared from the shelves.

                                Uncle Ira, I'm with you. In the last few years I've had this happen with several really good products and it's ticking me off. What's worse is when I contact the company, I hear nothing. As a matter of fact, I'm going to start anew post about it to vent.