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Nov 30, 2007 05:13 PM

Dinner near National Gallery

We're meeting friends tomorrow at the National Gallery for the Turner exhibit. Any suggestions for an early dinner after the show near the museum? Thanks.

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  1. Right across the street is The Source, Wolfgang Puck's new restaurant in The Newseum. The restaurant and bar/grill have been getting very good reviews. The buzz on the food is very good. While the restaurant is pretty pricey, I'd go to the bar and grill on the first floor to have access to wonderful more price friendly food.

    1. You won't be far from the Penn Quarter region which also has Central which is very good, Tenpenh for another asian fusion (not as pricey as the source) and others, but those are my favorites. And you could most certainly walk up to the Gallery Place/Chinatown area which you could do a quick search on. I also don't think 701 is too far away from the Gallery and it is pretty good, although I haven't been in a while.

      1. Bistro D'Oc isn't far from the National Gallery.

        1. You could try Jaleo for tapas. It's within walking distance from the National Gallery. It's at 480 7th St. Teaism is also good, but I've only ever had lunch there.

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            All of these recommendations are great. I love Bistro D'Oc for excellent french bistro cuisine.

            If you are willing to walk to Gallery Place/Chinatown I would recommend PS7, Zola, or Proof. Cafe Atlantico is also near the mall and a lot of fun for nuevo latin cuisine.

            Also if you are looking for a lunch spot I highly recommend the cafeteria at the American Indian Museum. The food is seasonal and delicious---trust me its not your usual Smithsonian cafeteria. Think roasted elk, pumpkin soup, fry bread etc.

            1. re: Elyssa

              By the end of the day, the food in the American Indian Museum was starting to look awfully steam-table tired. And it was kind of pricey for what you got, I mean $7 for a tamale! (Okay maybe I'm a bit spoiled in California).

              The Turner exhibit is fantastic, BTW.

              I liked Jaleo a lot.

              1. re: mlgb

                I completely agree with you and have often wondered why it is hyped so much here.

                1. re: mlgb

                  I actually liked the fall seasonal buffet in the Garden Cafe at the National Gallery. The items all held very well on a buffet table (mostly they were tepid items) and they refreshed them frequently. However I'm not sure the timing will work for the OP.