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Pepperoncinni (Conshy)

chefsklls Nov 30, 2007 05:02 PM

Hello everyone,

read some reveiws heres what I think

1. Bartender could of been a little faster, and maybe a little more talkitive, seemed like we were bothering him

2. Ordered food at the bar, cool I can sit here and eat to, well I guess I can if the food ever comes, it took forever for an order of calamari ( deep fried) and bruschetta ( chopped and tossed) how long could this take you ask ,try over 15-20 minutes, what were they doing catching the fish and picking the tomatoes? any way, food comes Calamari out of this world, best I have had in along time , bruschetta same very good high garliccontents crunchy bread, good olive oil.

3. they clear the table, my wife and i have the pork sandwich with broccoli robe,, she gets mild prov, I get sharp prov side of long hots, our friend orders pizza. wife loves hers, friends loves hers, I dont like greek pizza so I never tried but they liked, ok, my sand very heavy on salt, no long hots on side, some one on here said that it was the best outside o philly, that person should smack themselves on the head.

4. overall food took a very long time it was ok, not in a rush to go back.

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  1. Den RE: chefsklls Dec 1, 2007 03:27 AM

    Is that you Billy?

    Anyway, I think the pork sandwich and fried hots at the Great American Pub around the corner are better.


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    1. re: Den
      chefsklls RE: Den Dec 1, 2007 04:55 AM

      yeah Den, I thought it was you posting on here, thats why I sent that email to you. anyway, this place was ok, have not had a pub sandwich but next time im down there I think i will try one. btw the basil pesto that came w the calamari last night was very good, high extract of basil flavor and very smooth. the tomato sauce was ok. not as good as yours

    2. e
      EastPA RE: chefsklls Dec 14, 2007 08:59 PM

      Try sessano's for roast pork - newly opened at Logan Square in Norristown across from Via Veneto. Less seasoned than a Tony Lukes or Venezia, but I think a higher grease content - I actually liked them better than those guys.

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