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Nov 30, 2007 05:02 PM

Pepperoncinni (Conshy)

Hello everyone,

read some reveiws heres what I think

1. Bartender could of been a little faster, and maybe a little more talkitive, seemed like we were bothering him

2. Ordered food at the bar, cool I can sit here and eat to, well I guess I can if the food ever comes, it took forever for an order of calamari ( deep fried) and bruschetta ( chopped and tossed) how long could this take you ask ,try over 15-20 minutes, what were they doing catching the fish and picking the tomatoes? any way, food comes Calamari out of this world, best I have had in along time , bruschetta same very good high garliccontents crunchy bread, good olive oil.

3. they clear the table, my wife and i have the pork sandwich with broccoli robe,, she gets mild prov, I get sharp prov side of long hots, our friend orders pizza. wife loves hers, friends loves hers, I dont like greek pizza so I never tried but they liked, ok, my sand very heavy on salt, no long hots on side, some one on here said that it was the best outside o philly, that person should smack themselves on the head.

4. overall food took a very long time it was ok, not in a rush to go back.

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  1. Is that you Billy?

    Anyway, I think the pork sandwich and fried hots at the Great American Pub around the corner are better.


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    1. re: Den

      yeah Den, I thought it was you posting on here, thats why I sent that email to you. anyway, this place was ok, have not had a pub sandwich but next time im down there I think i will try one. btw the basil pesto that came w the calamari last night was very good, high extract of basil flavor and very smooth. the tomato sauce was ok. not as good as yours

    2. Try sessano's for roast pork - newly opened at Logan Square in Norristown across from Via Veneto. Less seasoned than a Tony Lukes or Venezia, but I think a higher grease content - I actually liked them better than those guys.