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Nov 30, 2007 04:38 PM

Saturday Brunch downtown or near Bryant Park?


We are going Ice Skating in BRyant park tomorrow and would like to do Brunch either downtown or near Bryant Park.

Any recs for a good saturday brunch spot?

I know Clinton St, Freemans, etc...
but do they serve brunch on saturday and how bad is the wait at 1:00 on a saturday.

An y recs/tips would be greatly appreciated./


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  1. I do Zoe's at 90 Prince St. The green eggs and ham is fantastic.

    1. I'd say at least an hour for those options, maybe more dependent on how big your group is. Clinton St and Freemans both serve brunch on Saturdays.

      If you are willing to walk west towards Hell's Kitchen, there are definitely more options. Perhaps West Bank Cafe?

      Have you looked on OpenTable? Making a reservation for brunch would probably be my recommendation. However, there isn't going to be a whole lot since it's last minute.

      My picks for brunch around town (mostly downtown and UWS)