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Nov 30, 2007 03:51 PM

Seeking Small Summer Wedding Space

We're seeking a small summer wedding space for around 60 people on a Saturday night (indoor/outdoor). Restaurants would work out great, since we can't spend tons of money (up to $100 per person). Please let me know if you can think of ANYTHING- like a great space where we can add a caterer and or a great restaurant or gallery space etc.



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  1. Check out the options at Prospect Park. Went to a wedding there this year and I think the prices were pretty reasonable. Limited to the park's pre-approved caterers.

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      Those probably won't work. Both, the picnic house and boat house work with either an exclusive caterer or a limited list. The exclusive at the boathouse is movable feast and I think you would be hard pressed to keep it under $100/pp.

    2. someone mentioned Caffe on the Green in Bayside/College Point. It has a beautiful view of the bridge and is at the end of a golf course. it is at the intersections of the Cross Island/Clearview but i don't think you would hear the traffic. I don't know about the pricing and food though.

      i am going to look into it for the wedding rehearsal but ours is a big a wedding party.

      1. We had a rehearsal dinner at Sheepstation on 4th and Douglass and I wouldn't see why a wedding wouldn't work there too. The owners Jason and Martine were great and the food blew everyone out of the water. Of course, we were married on Friday so the rehearsal party was on a Thursday which went a long way to the $40 per person (wine, beer, signature cocktailm and food) price tag. I know they cater weddings.

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          My daughter was married at the Ethical Culture mansion across from Prospect Park. They are not the easiest people to work with but the space is beautiful for a small wedding. We had rain and therefore could not use their pretty garden but the library was lovely for the ceremony. They have their own "approved" caterers but I found them to be expensive and found my own.
          Good luck.

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            Thanks. We are looking into their space.

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              Sheepstation looks like a great possibility. Thank you!

            2. Just wanted to warn you that if you find a restaurant without a private dining space, you would probably have to buy the restaurant out for a Saturday night which would exceed your 100/person budget.

              1. Frankies 457 in Carroll Gardens would be a great choice. They have outdoor space and a small building in the back

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                  Unfortunately the stable only seats 40ish. In good weather I believe they told me that they can accommodate around 60 using outdoor seats and the stable.

                  $100/person before or after taxes, gratuities, etc? Those are adding up quickly and have us having to reconsider a few things.

                  It's only a $25 fee to have a wedding/reception on a park other than Central and Prospect. That might be a worthwhile option in the summer?