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Nov 30, 2007 03:29 PM

Local prosciutto?

Does anyone in the bay area make prosciutto? I called the Fatted Calf and even though they're all about making their own, the only carry Parma. My friend is trying to do a 100-mile dish that calls for prosciutto, but so far I've been unable to locate a source. We could sub pancetta if we have to, but I'm a bit surprised I can't find a local place that makes it. It doesn't even have to be pork, it could be duck for all I care.

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  1. Hobbs in San Rafael makes prosciutto and it's widely distributed. Call your local deli.

    Several restaurants cure their own, e.g., Eccolo, La Ciccia.

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    1. re: Melanie Wong

      Thank you so much! I knew someone had to be making it!

      1. re: cristeen

        You're welcome. Do let us know where you find it as I'm sure others are looking too.

        1. re: cristeen

          FWIW, I've talked to Hobbs about their sourcing. It's an interesting story because their pork actually comes from Canada (I hope I'm remembering the story correctly) but it's a farm that only raises pigs for them. My understanding is that originally it was a different, closer farm, but they had more control over the way their pigs are raised this way. It's all good in my book and I'm not trying to discourage you -- just thought you'd be interested to hear the back story.

      2. Not Prosciutto, but according to their newsletter, Boccalone will have the following at it's Oakland location tomorrow:

        Lonza, a very special item that we have been
        awaiting patiently as it has finished aging. Lonza is a cured and dried
        pork loin, very similar to prosciutto in both taste and texture. This is
        the back loin that is cured in salt and fennel and aged to perfection.
        Sliced thinly and put in a sandwich or even alone on a plate, it’s a
        delicious treat.
        *Lonza: 2oz (approximately 30 slices) for $6 ($7 for non-members)

        Pickup is this Saturday, December 1st.
        When: 10:00am to 2:00pm
        Where: Boccalone, 1924 International Blvd, Oakland, 510-261-8700

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        1. re: lexdevil

          50 dollars a pound.. give me a break

          1. re: jason carey

            Or you can go to your local Costco and get the original from Parma for $8.59/lb (whole legs)...can't beat that....

            1. re: Pollo

              Yes, I saw them at the Redwood City store - I couldn't believe my eyes! What an unbelievable price - that's got to be less than the delis pay wholesale, no? But there's no way I could use 18+ lbs of prosciutto... A couple of friends are talking about buying one and splitting it up but then there'd be a fight over the bone so we'd have to figure out how to cut that up and all the guys have are regular shop tools!!!

        2. Fatted Calf hopes to have some ready by 2010.

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          1. re: Morton the Mousse

            That seems about the right timing for the type of product they want to produce. Maybe even a little early.

          2. Dunno if you can get it "to go", but North Beach Restaurant makes its own prosciutto.

            1. the Pasta Shop in Rockridge has La Quercia Prosciutto from Iowa , not too local, but excellent. I think about 24 dollar a pound

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              1. re: jason carey

                Yeah but way beyond that 100 mile limit the OP was looking for.

                1. re: wally

                  There was a great article in the November issue of Saveur magazine about the couple in Iowa (originally from the Bay Area!) who started and own the La Quericia prosciutto business.

                  1. re: DavidT

                    I've had it, and thought the quality was way off.

                    The La Quercia isn't silky; it's coarsely textured and more like a crudo. There was also some nasty "off" smell to it, as if the fat had spoiled.